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Wrongful Conviction and Noble Cause for Prego Goley

For the past 29 years, Mr. George Goley, also known as Prego, has been imprisoned for a crime he never committed. The prosecution’s case against Prego is supported by fabricated and inaccurate evidence from two career criminals.

Despite the fact that the legal system in every nation is designed to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, and true and false, who is to blame when you are nevertheless found guilty of a crime you didn’t commit?

Imagine being held without charge for nothing you did. Wrongfully convicting someone is the cruelest thing that has ever happened to a human.

We are raising our voices for the noble cause for Prego Goley.

Unjust Conviction

A person who has been wrongfully convicted is one who has been wrongfully imprisoned after being unfairly charged with offenses. Investigators found that between 2% and 10% of prisoners in the United States are there due to false convictions. The Prego Goley experienced the same thing. He is behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit.

Who is Responsible for Unjust Conviction?

When unjust convictions occur, ineffective legal representation is to blame, which constitutes a breach of the sixth amendment to the constitution. This negligence manifests itself in the representative body’s failure to conduct an adequate investigation, the lack of supporting documentation for the plaintiff’s defense, its inability to question prosecution witnesses, its failure to object to the prosecution’s forensic evidence, and its unwillingness to participate in court proceedings.

Attorneys routinely take cases even when they lack the skills to protect the plaintiff and successfully represent them ineffectively. Such poor legal representation gives the defendant an unfair advantage in the case, ultimately leading to false convictions.

Additional factors that contribute to the defender’s ineffectiveness are listed below.

  • Incompetent attorneys are more prone to convict innocent people due to their carelessness wrongfully.
  • Attorneys who arrive at a trial day inebriated and sleepy are much less able to constitute their clients.
  • The inability to question an actual criminal’s sufficient reasons puts the defense attorney in danger of imprisonment for the innocent defendant.
  • Insufficient evidence in the plaintiff’s favor also leads to unjust convictions.

The prosecution attorneys must conduct themselves professionally and cooperate openly with their clients to avoid wrongful convictions for a judgment to be transparent. Prego Goley is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The only method to protect him from unjust conviction is to demonstrate a noble cause for Prego Goley. Join hands with us and sign in the petition to raise your voice against the wrongful conviction.

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