Wooden Utensils A Perfect Choice For Cooking Tasks

Wood was used in kitchens even during ancient times. However, all through the 20th Century there was a growth of products made from various materials, metals, plastics, composite etc. But today there is being seen a shift back to the use of natural woods such as maple wood, and there are good reasons for this change of mind.

Let’s find out what makes wooden utensils the hot favourite of kitchen items shoppers.

  • Wooden utensils are more popular than ever before. Wood utensils will not scratch your cookware. Most essentially with non-stick pots and pans, etc., wood is much gentler compared to metal or plastic. Simply put, they will leave your pots and pans undamaged.
  • Wood utensils are also very quiet. Metal on metal or plastic on metal tends to be noisy, especially with lots of stirring. Wood on metal creates a lighter, gentler, and more pleasing sound.
  • Wood won’t conduct heat. Place a metal spoon in a hot dish and when you pick the spoon back up you have to be cautious else you may burn your fingers. In contrast, a wooden spoon or spatula placed in a hot dish will not conduct heat to the handle so that you can safely pick it up.
  • Wood is safer. It is not at all reactive and will not seep harmful chemicals into your food. Especially the maple wooden utensils Canada that have no chemicals or lacquers, so you can cook without harm.
  • Wood is long-lasting and enduring. If cared for properly your wooden utensils will last for many years. They offer great value and with their captivating grains have a distinct aesthetic to complement your kitchen’s look and feel.
  • Wooden spoons and spatulas feature natural curves so are less likely to bruise, crush or tear delicate ingredients. In comparison to mass manufactured metal spoons coming with hard edges and angles.
  • Wooden utensils may not be the best tools for every cooking chore, but they are optimal for certain tasks. Wood is the right option when you’re working with hot foods that need repeated stirring. Like risotto, certain soups, and candies. As a matter of fact, Food Network television host Alton Brown vouchers for wooden spoons when working with candy syrups, since they enable even distribution of heat. Wood is also a befitting option when working with delicate copper cookware or nonstick cookware since it won’t scratch the surface.

The Nutshell

Wood utensils are reasonably affordable and, unlike metal ones, will not retain heat. This insulating quality makes it easy to use a wooden spoon for tasting a steaming hot stew without burning your mouth. Moreover, wood is very easy to shape (unlike metal which first must be refined). And in this way, it is easy to harvest and fashion into cooking implements. If you are someone who is a lover of cooking and enjoys food, you cannot ignore using wooden utensils for many of your kitchen and cooking tasks. The best thing is that maple wood utensils are carefully and lovingly crafted with smooth natural finishes.

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