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Why Your Business need Dynamics 365 Marketing?

In an age where marketing plays a crucial role, every business needs a robust marketing automation solution for successful marketing performance. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a solution that enables your marketing team to deliver exceptional customer experiences and helps create more opportunities and maximize business revenue.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing app under the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family. The application provides all the tools organizations need to conduct successful marketing campaigns across offline and online channels. The app has high-end email templates that can target customers with personalized content.

Dynamics 365 Marketing uses the Common Data Model to store and share data with other Dynamics 365 apps. This means that your data is in sync and up to date, so your sales, customer service, and marketing teams can collaborate more effectively.

Dynamics 365 is always powered by new features that help organizations to expand and explore new opportunities in sales. The new features in D365 Marketing app allow you to engage customers in real-time, earn customer loyalty, personalize customer experiences and drive growth. The app can be accessed via mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

Let’s look into the new features of Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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Orchestrate Customer Journey in Real-time

You need to understand the customer journey before creating campaigns and generating leads. Creating a customer journey provides you with a clear idea of how a customer goes around your business to learn more about your service and products.

Using AI-Powered customer journey designers, users can create many workflows they want. Each stage in the workflows can be automated, and actions related to their journeys can be taken.

Trigger Customer Journeys Based on Events

You can leverage customer journey orchestration capability in Dynamics 365 Marketing to deliver end-to-end customer experience. You can create event-based customer journeys to respond to customer actions during their journey in real time. The journeys can be triggered based on customer interactions, such as walking into a physical store, connecting to Wi-Fi, and more.

The ability to react to customer actions in real time helps you respond to customers quickly and convert their interests into a sale. This also helps you strengthen relationships with personalization at every touchpoint across digital and physical channels. This encourages potential customers to turn to your brand.

Earn Customer’s Trust

With customer journey orchestration capability, users will get a comprehensive view of each customer. Agents can make the most of customers’ time and strengthen engagement with proper understanding. You can use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to unify customer data and identify high-value customers. With insights into customer information, your marketing team can target the right customers and refine their customer journeys. This helps you win customer trust and loyalty.

Quickly Create Personalized E-mails using E-mail Editor.

You can create personalized emails with the new email editor in Dynamics 365 Marketing. With AI-based recommendations for content, you can be sure to send the right message. The email editor makes it easy to select the best image, video, or document using AI (Artificial Intelligence), making it easy to create a personalized email with the right content.

Enhance Marketing Performance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you improve marketing performance and business growth. Automation capability in Dynamics 365 marketing automates routine tasks and allows teams to focus on other important activities. You can better understand customer demands, forecast sales, and make informed decisions with advanced analytics. Integrating Office 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and other tools helps you streamline business processes and improve work productivity.

The new feature in Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you engage customers in real-time, personalize customer experiences, and win their loyalty faster. Integration of Microsoft Teams enables seamless communication and collaboration among team members. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integration helps you engage customers in a more personalized manner.

Let’s look into the D365 Marketing Highlights.

  • Collaborate across departments, people, and applications to develop powerful marketing campaigns using Microsoft Teams chat.
  • Personalize emails using predefined text to improve marketing effectiveness
  • Connect the D365 Marketing app with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for deeper information and enhanced marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Engage customers in real-time through the right channels and content. Create customer journeys based on data without developing code.
  • Use the channel analytics dashboard to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Take the right action using AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, analytics, and customer segmentation.
  • Generate personalized messages with the right content for each user using AI.
  • Use real-time dashboards to track business performance and make meaningful decisions.
  • Quickly create customer segments for contacts using segment builder and natural language.

When you plan to improve marketing capabilities with the most powerful marketing solution in the world, you can partner with reliable and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners.

Dynamics 365 Marketing consultants help you pick the right licensing plan and deploy the solution following your business needs and preferences. They will customize and integrate the solution with other apps if required. If your business is in any of the MENA countries, Pakistan, or India, there are a few Microsoft Dynamics 365 providers whom you can trust. 

Ensure you partner with experienced and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India to get the solution deployed. They will provide necessary support and training.

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