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Who Are The Leading HVAC System Manufacturers In India?

Top HVAC companies in India

Nowadays, almost every country in the world experiences extreme weather conditions irrespective of the season. On the one hand, it will be too hot in summer, and during the winter, it will be too cold. With such extreme weather conditions, it is natural that people will be actively searching for a way to negotiate them. The reality is that no one likes to face the sweltering heat or the oppressive cold getting into their bones. However, there is no reason to worry because they are many HVAC system manufacturers, Cleanroom equipment suppliers, and Cleanroom consulting agencies are available at the press of a computer mouse. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. They are all there to serve you. 

There are a lot of HVAC system manufacturers in India and HVAC unit manufacturers you can choose. Here is a list of top HVAC companies in India you should consider.

What are the four 4 main types of HVAC systems Manufacturers and Suppliers?

Top HVAC companies in India

Sree Dhanam Automation

Sree Dhanam Automation was established in 2012 and is known for wholesale and importing a wide range of high-quality automation products. The company offers proximity sensors, industrial relays, and energy management equipment. Such products are mainly used in textile machines, woodworking, ceramic machines, and plastic moulding. However, they are also helpful for telecommunication, water treatment and distribution, food and beverages, renewable energy, packaging, and system integrators.

Kanva Cool Industries

Kanva Cool Industries is a frontline manufacturer of different types of air control equipment. Besides, they are also HVAC unit manufacturers. They have air handling units (AHU), sound attenuators, cross-talk silencers, volume control dampers, fire dampers, and other equipment. Most of their products have been highly appreciated by users. Their products are known for high performance, robust construction, excellent functioning, easy installation, and longer service life. Moreover, they are available in various models as well as at very competitive prices.

They emphasise quality control, which has helped them create a huge client base across the region. Kanva Cool Industries also boasts advanced infrastructure and quality testing, complete with production, research and development units, warehousing, and packaging. 

SMK Turnkey Solutions

SMK Turnkey Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is another top company founded in 2010. Its primary business lies in manufacturing, exporting, importing, trading, supplying, retailing, and distributing a wide range of industrial machines. Their product line includes chip conveyors, magnetic separators, hydraulic fixtures, and many more. 

Every product they manufacture has a good reputation and is highly appreciated for being reliable, long-lasting, corrosion free, precisely engineered, and for practical after-sales service. These products are also used in making machine parts for the milling industry, catering to various sectors, including aerospace and automobiles. Their client list includes big names like Tata, Toyota, Mahindra, Bosch Group, and DENSO. 

Cleanroom equipment manufacturers in India

Following companies provide a full range of Cleanroom Equipment worldwide.

Airomax Airborne LLP

They are manufacturer as well as Cleanroom Equipment suppliers, and are known fora strong and energetic engineering company with experience in providing simplicity in design, energy-saving activity in cleanroom and airborne technology, and an impeccable product finish. Their experienced staff are capable of providing their clients an efficient solution for Air Handling and Critical Design Aspects, as well as the Installation and Validation of a specific product.


Stericox is a manufactuer and also Cleanroom equipment suppliers for last over forty years. They have a wide range of cleanroom equipment, such as air showers, biosafety cabinets, laminar airflow, fume hoods etc. They maintain very high standards of quality, and every product they manufacture is of international quality and offers excellent performance year after year. 

Their engineering team is extra careful about its designs and every piece of equipment it manufactures per specifications provided by its customers. All this equipment is minutely tested at various parameters before dispatch. Apart from manufacturing, they are also in the business of cleanroom consulting.

What are the 2 significant types of cleanrooms and their function?

Cleanrooms are primarily of two types differentiated by their ventilation method. So, you have turbulently ventilated and unidirectional flow cleanrooms. Turbulently ventilated cleanrooms are called nonunidirectional. Unidirectional flow cleanrooms were initially known as ‘laminar flow cleanrooms. Such cleanrooms require more air than the turbulently ventilated type but also provide superior cleanliness.


The modular Clean Room industry is constantly changing, becoming increasingly complex and demanding innovative answers to a contamination-free environment. Aircare Projects Pvt ltd

is a Modular Cleanroom and Clean Room Equipment manufacturer in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Here, the modular Clean Room system panels are manufactured with factory-controlled procedures incorporating design criteria for system performance following good engineering practices, taking into account cGMP guidelines required for specialty clean room environments. The result provides the specific demands of the client’s environmental requirements within budgets and time schedules.


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