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You see a job ad that sounds like a perfect fit, so you immediately head to your computer to submit the online application. But when you see the section on work experience, your enthusiasm wanes. because you do not have any prior employment history to disclose. You might have just graduated from high school or college, or you might be making your first career move. Do not panic; you may demonstrate your skills and experiences in a way that convinces prospective employers that you are capable of handling the duties of the position.


Include volunteer work or small-scale local jobs in the work experience area. For instance, you might have volunteered at your neighborhood library or animal shelter worked as a babysitter or mowed lawns during the summer. List the company, such as “Wood County Animal Shelter,” on the job application and describe your main duties. If you were employed by a private person, leave the employer section empty and list that person as your supervisor. According to the fields specified on the application, enter the days you worked, your job responsibilities, and any compensation you received.


If there is not a spot on the application to indicate extracurricular activities, list your participation in them as job experience. You may say, for instance, “Basketball point guard and team captain for Parkersburg High School from 2019 to 2021. coordinated fundraisers assisted in running team practices, and helped get the stuff ready for home games.” Put the word “Coach” before the name of your coach when listing her as your supervisor. You can also add, “A part-time teacher at Eden burg College. led study groups, coordinated tutoring sessions, and assisted students in algebra, geometry, and calculus.” As your supervisor, name the instructor or advisor who is in charge of the tutoring program. Cheap cv writers near me suggest leaving the field empty or entering “NA” as not applicable if the application asks you to enter your hourly wage.


Make sure that others are aware of your desire to enter a specific industry. Participate in LinkedIn discussions about relevant industries, join relevant groups, go to networking and professional events, and be sure to be open about your interests.


To discuss the work experience portion of the application, give the human resources department a call or go in person to the employer’s office. The hiring manager may accept your resume that lists part-time employment and volunteer experience in place of the section on work experience if you are applying for an entry-level position and instruct you to staple your resume to the application. The company may also want more personal references to confirm your qualifications or request to see your college or high school transcripts. Do not be afraid to get in touch with the employer because he might regard your boldness as an indication that you are genuinely enthusiastic about the position.


Write “NA” in the job experience box if the application requests volunteer work, extracurricular activities, or internships in different separate fields. You do not want the recruiting manager to believe you neglected it, therefore do not leave the section entirely blank. Include as much information as you can about your high school or college curriculum, your academic achievements, your attention-demanding interests, and your involvement in charitable or community events in the other application fields. Cheap cv writers near me say that if you have made significant contributions to your school or community it is possible that a hiring manager might not blame you for a lack of work experience.


Therefore, to submit an application without any formal professional experience, you must emphasize other facets of your life that will demonstrate your abilities and interests, such as your schooling and participation in extracurricular or voluntary activities and you can also discover enough relevant experience in your prior accomplishments to illustrate your potential if you have a clear idea of where you want to take your career.

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