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What is the significance of taking a first time managers training program? 

According to research, individuals transitioning into first-time leadership roles face new and unexpected challenges, such as performing against completely different performance metrics than they had previously for the first time manager.

How can the first time manager roles help in transition results?

Low focus and support for managing this transition results in significant loss of productivity and team engagement. Understanding the role and its key deliverables and measures, one’s strengths in relation to the role and managing the emotional challenges of transition are all examples of self-awareness.

What are the goals for the first time managers training program? 

Stepping into Leadership is a well-researched and well-crafted journey to success for First Time Managers. Among the primary goals set up by first time managers training program are:

  • Making it possible for Individual Contributors to Transition to First-Time Managers.
  • Developing critical skills required to perform the role of manager.
  • Assisting managers in effectively managing themselves in order to successfully transition to a managerial role.
  • Providing first-time managers with the skills they need to manage people in order to grow, develop, and engage team members.

Our programme takes you on an intensive learning journey that includes three key learning modules:

Understanding Your Role and Managing Yourself: This module assists First-Time Managers in: 

  • Understanding the role of a manager and the transition required to perform the role.
  • Increased emotional self-awareness.
  • They effectively manage their time in order to perform their duties.

What do you know about promotion to managerial position? 

Promotion to a managerial position is a significant and early milestone in a person’s career. It is an endorsement that the person has been doing a good job. And allows the person to pursue exciting new responsibilities.

Despite all of the benefits of such a promotion, it is a significant change that may present challenges that the new managers do not anticipate. However, most organizations have not developed a formula that can be applied and replicated to maximize the benefits of effective assimilation.

What is the effective transition and assimilation for the first time managers? 

Individual Contributors’ effective transition and assimilation into First Time Manager. Roles has been clearly established and acknowledged as a business imperative. 

Individual Contributors are promoted to first time manager roles based on their performance as ICs. To be fair, that is the only visible criterion available. 

What does the leadership program speak about? 

The difficulty of leadership programs in India stems from the fact that. While performance as an IC is required, it is not sufficient to determine the next step.

Managers are a great resource to use as coaches during the transition. Because they have already been through this phase and can help anticipate the challenges that. The First Time Managers may face as well as the measures that must be taken to overcome these challenges.

Final Words 

The team is critical in assisting the FTM in achieving the desired results. Conducting one-on-one meetings with team members is a powerful tool for an FTM. Because it helps to build rapport, identify each team member’s strengths and development areas, and understand their needs/motivators.

Furthermore, holding weekly/monthly team meetings can aid in understanding. And communicating expectations, uncovering and working through issues collectively. And gathering inputs to make informed and forward-thinking decisions correctly.

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