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What are the PMP Renewal PDU Requirements for 2023?

After passing the PMP exam, you must comply with the CCR program’s continuing certification requirements in order to keep your PMP credentials and active certification status. For each three-year cycle of the PMP certification, you must obtain 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in order to renew your certification at the end of the cycle. After you successfully complete one cycle, a new three-year cycle starts.

Your credentials will be suspended for one year if you don’t obtain the required number of PDUs before the end of your third anniversary as a PMP, after which it will expire. In this EDUHUBSPOT’s post we’ll see the PMP renewal PDU requirements for 2023.

What are PDU’s?

You must comprehend project management principles and techniques, learn how to put them into practice, create a learning strategy, and get ready for the PMP exam. You can call yourself a project management professional once you pass the PMP exam. The PMP Exam requires completion of 35 PDUs. 

The three-year validity duration for the PMP certification. It is not necessary to retake the PMP exam in order to maintain your certification. By obtaining PMI PDUs, you could keep your certification active. Professional Development Units, or PDUs, are what PMI awards. To keep your PMP certification, you need to accrue 60 PDUs in three years.

The Best Way to Find Your Certification / CCR Cycle

The day you pass the exam marks the start of your initial certification/CCR cycle. On the third day after passing the exam, your first certification/CCR cycle comes to a close. Therefore, you must renew your PMP certification one day before the third anniversary of completing the test. On the third anniversary of passing the test, your subsequent CCR cycle also starts.

Changes in PDU

The goal of the PMI CCR Program is to support an individual’s professional advancement as a project manager. The PMI determined that the programme needed to be modified in order to offer the development of new employer-desired needs, such as leadership and business intelligence, as a result of the changing business climate.

Technical Project Management

Specific fields of project, programme, and portfolio management-related knowledge, abilities, and behaviors. Technical project skills are reportedly the hardest to find, according to more than half (66%) of firms. But 96% said that these abilities are the easiest to teach. Advanced project management, ways to enhance your WBS, how to gather and document requirements, and risk management for your portfolio are a few examples of technical project management.


Specific leadership-oriented knowledge, abilities, and behaviors support an organization’s achievement of its corporate objectives. For effectively managing complicated projects, leadership abilities are ranked as being the most crucial by seventy-five percent of firms. According to 71% of firms, a project manager’s long-term success is primarily dependent on their leadership abilities. Negotiation, communication, inspiration, problem-solving, and conflict resolution are a few examples of leadership.

Business and strategic management

pmp renewal pdu requirements

Understanding and proficiency in the field or organization that improves performance and more effectively produces business results. Organizations with talent alignment to organizational strategy have an average project success rate that is 72% greater than those without it (58%). Product expertise, sector expertise, business acumen, innovation strategy alignment, market strategy alignment, differentiation strategy alignment, customer strategy alignment, finance, marketing, and so on are examples of strategic and business management.

How to acquire the necessary PDUs?

PDUs can be earned in two categories: education and volunteer work. There are subgroups within these two classes, which are listed below.

PDUs in education

This category now needs a minimum of 35 PDUs and a maximum of 60% of the PDUs, in accordance with the PMI Talent Triangle:

Technical Project Management:

8 PDUs or more are required.


8 PDUs or more must be attained.

A minimum of 8 PDUs must be attained in strategic and business management.

PDUs that are still needed can be obtained in any of the three categories.

Giving Back PDUs

The total number of PDUs that can be earned in this area has decreased, but the actions that fall into these categories—volunteering, generating knowledge, and working as a professional—have not changed. Additionally, there are less PDUs available in the Working as a Professional category.

In this category, a maximum of 25 PDUs may be earned:

Working as a Professional:

This category allows for a maximum of 8 PDUs to be earned.

The remaining PDUs: Contributing to Knowledge and Volunteering

Keep track of your PDU activities

You are in charge of documenting all of your PDU actions as they happen. Using the online CCR System is one of the best ways to record PDUs. You can browse your transcript to verify that PDUs have been posted in this system and search for actions that give PDUs.

The PDU Activity Reporting Form can be downloaded, filled out, and sent electronically or on paper, even though the PMI strongly recommends that you record PDUs via the online system. Each activity’s completion should prompt this. Only the PDU Activity Reporting Form needs to be submitted.

At this time, you are not required to submit any supporting paperwork for the activities you have reported; however, you should keep it in case you are audited.

Which option is best for renewing your PMP certification?

There is no right response to this query. It’s up to you and depends on your needs and interests how you decide to earn PDUs. You can obtain lots of PDUs while maintaining your PMP certification if you’re interested in obtaining a higher certification.

You can earn PDUs by participating in webinars or self-directed learning if you don’t have the time to enroll in a course. You may always add PDUs by giving back to the community, instructing others, applying PMP principles, and producing content. Recertification is meant to ensure ongoing education. You get to decide how to study based on what will be valuable to you.

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