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What are the 3 types of harassment?


Sexual harassment is described as unwanted or unwelcome sexual attention that makes the receivers feel uncomfortable, humiliated, offended, or distressed. 

It can take the form of unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors in exchange for special treatment, pressure to obtain sexual favors in order to close deals, cartoons or drawings, or any other verbal or physical behavior that the recipient finds offensive or embarrassing.

One-on-one physical sexual assault

The most blatant and well-known type of sexual harassment is physical assault. Unwanted physical contact, such as rubbing up against someone, interfering with another person’s motions, or keeping someone from finishing their task are all examples of how it is practiced. 

Unwanted touching could occur if employee A encircles employee B and employee B feels uncomfortable and tells employee A to stop. Another illustration would be if employee A physically prevented employee B from leaving the copy room such that employee B would have to touch employee A. 

Sexual harassment employment law attorneys should be consulted by an employee who has experienced physical harassment.

Sexual harassment in speech

Verbal harassment against a person can also include remarks or statements that use derogatory terms, insults, or slurs. According to FEHA standards, an employee may classify verbal comments they received as “harassment” even if they were made in the form of labels, nicknames, or titles.

Even though the workplace is a place where professionals who work for an organization congregate, some employees nowadays have to put up with uncomfortable situations and unwanted encounters there. For the person who is the target of this conduct, this might be distracting and make them hesitant to go to work. 

The Fair Employment and Housing Act standards define “romantic overtures” as a specific category of verbal harassment and classify verbal harassment as a form of harassment.

Romantic or flirty statements, whether overt or covert, are nevertheless deemed harassment for the purposes of triggering a lawsuit. An invitation to go out for lunch or supper may be made informally. 

Although inviting friends to lunch or dinner in this scenario may be a means for friends to communicate with one another, depending on the specifics, this may be seen as harassment.

A person who has this problem at work should speak with a sexual harassment attorney to see whether they have grounds for a claim against their company.

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Sexual assault that is visible

Visual harassment is a recognized kind of sexual harassment under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. At first look, the concept of “visual harassment” may appear obvious—one person exposes themselves to another who does not enjoy the exposure. However, visual harassment can also take less obvious forms, such as when a coworker exposes oneself. 

Cartoons or illustrations that are regarded offensive and/or demeaning to the victim might serve as a visual example of visual harassment. For instance, a male employee may illustrate the likeness of a female coworker with enlarged breasts.

In the era of technology, it is more frequent for one employee to display a video or photo to another person in the workplace if the other finds the visual unpleasant or insulting. This is referred to as visual harassment even when the aggrieved employee is not there. 

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Even if the employee in the video is unrelated to the situation, this conduct is nonetheless seen as visual harassment in this case since it is sexual in character, insulting, and unwelcome.

The practice of visual sexual harassment is also practiced through posters. Posters that fit under this kind of visual harassment, as described above, would have sexually explicit images that would be objectionable to the target individual.

The Fair Employment and Housing Act also defines lewd gestures as visual harassment. This might be read to include a variety of behaviors that one employee engages in that are offensive to another specific employee. 

It is still regarded as visual harassment even when the offending employee is not physically touching the victim and is not even acting in that manner in relation to that victim.

The Following Steps Following Sexual Harassment Reporting

Sexual harassment may be overt or covert, occurring in plain sight or when there are only two individuals in the room. It might be challenging to identify and even more challenging to establish harassment depending on the circumstances in which it took place.

The New York State Attorney General may initiate an investigation into your workplace after receiving a complaint of sexual harassment to evaluate if your incident was a result of a pattern of behavior, a common practice, or a policy that had an impact on many individuals. However, our inquiry stands apart from any potential legal action you might be able to take.


You might want to speak with a legal office that handles sexual harassment claims in your area if you experienced any of these or other types of sexual harassment. 

Sexual harassment employment law attorneys might be able to explain your legal options to you and help you hold your employer accountable for paying you damages for the sexual harassment you endured.

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