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We may be inhaling Lung Cancer in our body

Lung Cancer Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

Men suffer most from Lung Cancer. Cancer cells in the lungs due to personal

sometimes environmental reasons.

Personal reasons for lung cancer comprise:



Tobacco consumption

Nonpersonal reason comprises:

Passive smoking in cases affecting a large number of men compared to habitual


Environmental reason for Lung Cancer comprises first and foremost high

pollution levels.

High pollution levels: not supported by facemasks which are highly

recommended for keeping at bay problems of the lungs, in cases that may also lead to Lung Cancer. Considering high environmental pollution levels which

Delhi/NCR suffers every year just after Diwali before winter sets in, which can be

tried and effectively handled through encouraging the habit of wearing

facemasks when out plus taking the help of methods such as air purifiers and other

One is to keep the air clean and safe for inhalation purposes both in the office also at home.

Having a sore throat



Our first signs of air pollution have hit you? Plus, there is also the issue of

consumption of foods available in the open which a number of people highly

rely on for personal reasons and as a habit, bringing along with them the

the problem of suffering from a bad throat.

Try and understand the chronology here:




Any problem developing orally chances are there for the same also showing

effect on the throat extending up to the lungs.

For a person affected by oral issues or oral cancer cases could also cover the

throat in the process.

Something starting in the lungs may move upwards towards the throat and also

the mouth.

Can air pollution lead to Nose Cancer?

Nose Cancer though less heard about, air pollution may be one of its reasons.

Air pollution and its effect on our noses could be otherwise felt in the forms of:

Having a running nose


Nose getting clogged due to impurities etc

Journeying through the mouth, and throat coming to the lungs – Tuberculosis is one the major factors if neglected can take the form of lung cancer. Tuberculosis mainly

strikes the lungs in addition to other body parts on which its traces could be

found. TB was detected in Amitabh Bachchan in his own words during the time

when he came with the very first season of KBC in the year 2000. My TB was

in the spinal cord, he said in one of the episodes of the show years down the


Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that can spread through droplets of an

infected person coughing or sneezing chances are there affecting a person with a

weak immunity at the receiving end. So, the first and foremost precaution which

comes in the way of avoiding TB is to keep your immunity levels up to the

mark, high to ward off any danger exerted on your body in this respect.

Similar to Cancer, cancer cells – TB is present in the human body. If we

follow an improper diet and other habits the same TB can get active and the

human body. Focussed on this Aamir Khan in one of his episodes of Satyamev

Jayate which was centered on TB.

Tuberculosis in cases can take the form of lung cancer in the respiratory organs

being its main area of attack.

Going by this vein here how many types of cancer are there we can say and

how can we prevent them?

On the basis of what we have discussed till now, there are mainly three Cancers

we have talked about here and which are:

Oral Cancer

Throat Cancer

Lung Cancer

Oral cancer can be prevented by staying away from tobacco and related


Throat Cancer can be prevented by either staying away completely if

possible or following in moderation habits such as smoking, drinking and

tobacco use.

Lung Cancer prevention includes not inhaling polluted air which can be

avoided through the use of facemasks and other nasal and mouth protections. Going

for Biomarker testing which involves getting checked for genes, and cells inherited

showing the threat of turning cancerous and medicating any other lung damage

incurred in the course of either personal habit, reason, or environmental factors.

Types of cancer symptoms?

Oral Cancer symptoms may include:

Mouth blisters

Mouth ulcers

If neglected can take the shape of Oral Cancer.

Throat Cancer symptoms may include:


Pain in the throat

Throat discomfort

Lung Cancer symptoms may include:

Difficulty in breathing

Fall in energy levels

Getting easily tired

Types of cancer treatment?

Cancer treatment means treating the cells affected by Cancer. Attending to the

cells, doctors, and the medical field can take this help according to patient’s


Radiation therapy: is to know the exact position and status of cancer cells in the

body and destroying them where they show the threat of growing numbers

and spreading in other areas comprising vital organs, the bloodstream, etc.

Chemotherapy: is the use of strong, hard ***** in killing cancer cells.

Surgery: or removal of affected organ or part becomes unavoidable when it

shows the threat of endangering the complete body and human life on the



Alectinib 150mg capsule price is for patients suffering from lung cancer. Alectinib use for that it

may work on the lines of not letting any further cells in the lungs get cancer

affected, plus stopping further degradation of cells already affected which

means stopping their growth in numbers and spreading to other areas of the


Alectinib being a cancer drug for the lungs requires a prescription from a doctor

Reason: is not an over-the-counter medicine Alectinib

Has side effects on the body – Alectinib

Is advised to keep away from the reach of children

Observe caution is the use of Alectinib on pregnant women and lactating


Contact Magicine Pharma if you want to know anything extra about Alectinib,

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