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Valley of flowers trek is situated in the Garhwal Himalayas. You need to spend a week, that is, 7 days to complete trekking in this place. This is truly a heaven on earth for all nature lovers. So many types of flowers that belong to different species are present here. The very famous Pushpawati river passes through this valley. Many exotic flowers will blossom from June and will be happening till early September. This area is very famous because it is being declared a national park as well. Many faunas are also present here including the Himalayan Black Bears, Brown Bears, Musk Deer, etc. Many varieties of bird species as well as butterflies are also present here. You will be going towards the Govind Ghat, Joshimath, Ghangaria, etc. The Alaknanda river also flows through this valley’s side. There are many places here that are used to visit by pilgrims, especially the Sikh pilgrims. If you want to visit the Hem Kund Sahib, you need to take the second route from Ghangaria.


Glaciers are also found here along with small streams which have such Icy water that appears to be so cold. You can visit many famous temples which are present in Haridwar, Rishikesh, etc. as well. Hemkund Sahib is well-known for its Gurudwara. The meadows, waterfalls, etc. along with the snowy peaks make this place mesmerizing. June and July are considered to be the best months to visit this valley of flowers. You will be enjoying the waterfalls as well as the glaciers which pass through this valley of flowers. This will be a time when there will be no rain showers or sometimes less amount of rain will occur in this place. The plants will be full of buds, and they will start blooming during this month. August and September are also considered to be the best time to visit the valley of flowers. During May month, the snow-covered area will start to melt and new plants will be coming out from the extremely frozen atmosphere. They will start regenerating and this rebirth happens till August. If you want to see the maximum variety of species, especially that of the flowers, then you need to visit here during August and September. This valley of flowers is located exactly in the West Himalayas. Not only these flowers but also endangered species of animals are also found here. The Nanda Devi National Park lies on the East side of this park.

Mountain ranges

Mountain ranges like Zanskar, and the great Himalayas are nearby. Your itinerary will be like this. On the first day, your journey will be starting from Delhi, and in Delhi, you will be traveling to Haridwar and Rishikesh. On the second day, you will be starting from Rishikesh. You need to travel approximately 9 hours to cover Joshimath. From Joshimath, it will take nearly 1 hour to reach Govind Ghat. On the very next day, from Govind Ghat, you need to travel to Ghangaria which takes around 4 hours.  On day 5, you will be traveling from Ghangaria and from there you will be heading towards the valley of flowers and then return. After returning to Ghangaria you need to visit HemKund and then again back to Ghangaria. On the next day, you will be starting your journey from Ghangaria and you will be moving towards the Govind Ghat. On your way to Rudraprayag, you will be revisiting Joshimath as well. On the last day, that is, on day 7, you will be back in Haridwar. From Haridwar, you need to go back to Delhi and from there with lots of memories you will be going back to your home town. This is such a Golden opportunity for you all which you should not miss.

Things to Carry

You need to take your backpack with you. Be sure to carry the necessary medicines that are needed for your health with you. Always carry clothes which make you comfortable during each season. Do not forget your water bottle. You can take a 1 lite 1-liter bottle with you. There are places available on the way from where you can refill your water bottles. Water is such an important and unavoidable factor that you should not forget because it is needed to make yourself hydrated. Be sure to carry the necessary ID proofs with you as well. Gloves, sunglasses, trekking shoes, spikes, etc. are also necessary and unavoidable things from your things to carry.

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