Urban Air Trampoline And Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park operates indoor amusement centers and parks. The Company provides family entertainment opportunities for physical activities through its wall-to-wall trampoline areas and runway, foam pit and slam-dunk track. It also has a trampoline dodgeball and trampoline dodgeball area. Customers in the United States can use Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

Urban Air Adventure Park opened in Appleton in Fall 2019 and has created quite the buzz! Urban Air is different from other family-friendly entertainment options available in the Fox Cities. Is Urban Air just another trampoline park. Urban Air is an electric, high-energy park that is full of energy and unlike any other in the area. There are trampolines, but there’s so much more.

The much-anticipated Urban Air trampoline & Adventure park has arrived in The Woodlands, providing families with endless fun all year. It’s more than a trampoline park. The Sky Rider Coaster is an indoor playground that offers indoor skydiving, indoor climbing walls, indoor skydiving, and indoor skyriding. Play Ultimate Dodgeball on trampolines and take on your opponent at Battle Beam. The Slam Dunk Zone will let you show off your skills. After all that play, Urban Trampoline & Adventure Park will have a cafe on site to serve you food and beverages.

Urban Air Adventure Park Appleton

It is huge! It takes up an entire space in a former Gordman’s department store, and is the same size as a football field. This is important to me as a mom because it means my children will have lots to do even though we visit during peak times.

Urban Air has 154 locations across the United States. It is a franchise that Shape Magazine voted BEST Gym in America for Kids and BEST Place To Take Energetic Children.

What makes Urban Air different? Urban Air isn’t a trampoline park. Urban Air is an active amusement park. This indoor activity will not only be fun but also healthy for teens and adults. The general manager of the group warned us that they would get sweaty. While screen time was avoided, children will be very active. We want to help you create memories and an experience that will last a lifetime.

While parents are welcome to play, there is plenty of space for parents to work or hang out with their children (with TVs and massage chairs) if they are old enough to allow them to wander free in open play.

We are also excited about how active they are in their community. We are planning to host special First Responder Nights and free birthday parties for foster children.

Some Experiences for your first visit in park

  • Comfortable clothing is recommended. For your first visit, you must wear Urban Air socks.
  • Extra money is a good idea for snacks and drinks. Because our kids were thirsty, they are often hungry. They wanted a slushy in the first hour. You will have the option to order and touchless foodservice.
  • Keep valuables safe at home and in your car. Do not leave valuables unattended.
  • 2nd Level Viewing Deck INSIDE The Track – As an observer, it is possible to take photos and videos of nearly 75% of the track!

Electric Kart Benefits

There are no exhaust fumes or loud engines (but you will still hear the tire screeches).

High-Tech Diagnostic Monitoring makes it easier to maintain top performance in all vehicles.

Covered mechanicals: You don’t have to worry about them burning like gasoline cars.

Reverse Gear: It’s easier to get out spin-outs.

Faster speed: Electric karts can reach top speed faster than gas karts.

Based on the skill level of the driver, staff can adjust each kart’s speed.

Virtual Reality (VR). You will be able to fight robots and dragons in a high-end virtual universe. Once you have put on the headset, you’ll forget all about technology and pixels. You can also experience virtual reality snowball fighting as you try to collect coins.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars: Traditional bumper cars with a twist and lots of spinning

Flip Zone Bumper Cars: Bumper cars that flip upside-down! The chair can flip 360 degrees. To drive, you must be at least 42 inches.

Sky Rider Coaster – Zipline adventure without any skills required Fly above all attractions The first “dueling Sky Rider Coaster” in the world. The riders start together and then split up to race to the finish. The distances are identical, but the children will decide which route is faster. You must be at least 48 inches tall.

Rope Adventure Course – Up in the air with safety harness You must be at least 48 inches tall.

Climbing Walls: Traditional rock walls as well as unique interactive climbing structures. You must be at least 41 inches tall.

Balance Beam Foam Pit: Battle with friends!

Warrior Course – Translucent obstacle course and ball pit.

Indoor Playground with Tubes & Slides – Climb, crawl, and slide from 52″ and below

Trampolines – Strengthen agility and balance.

Wipeout, Dodgeball (Tumble Track), Runway, Drop Zone, Basketball

Ages 7 and under Kid Area Trampoline Area

Cafe – Pizza, chicken, frozen treats and other food options are available. You can also purchase beer and wine.

Urban Air Adventure Park Appleton

What hours are Urban Air Adventure Park open?

Open daily. On Fridays and Saturdays, we are open later.

Full current schedule.

What is the cost of admission?

One-day tickets for a specific day are available at the front desk and online. Prices vary depending on the demand, date, and arrival time. Discounts of up to 40% are available for less busy times. To secure your spot and avoid waiting in line, purchase advance tickets online. Re-entry is prohibited.

  • Before you leave, check the prices for any changes
  • Trampolines Starting at $10.49
  • Deluxe: $13.79
  • Includes: ProZone Performance Trampolines and Wipeout, Tubes Indoor Playground, Warrior Courses, Battle Beams, Basic Trampolines
  • Ultimate: $16.79
  • Deluxe + Dueling Sky Rider Ropes Course Climbing Walls, Leap of Faith
  • Platinum: $22.79
  • Ultimate + Unlimited Go-Karts, Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Flip Zone Bumper Cars, Virtual Reality
  • 5 & under: $8.99
  • Parent Pass: Same attractions for children; 50% off retail price
  • Socks: $3.49

Are you looking for special socks?

Yes. Urban Air Socks cost $3.49 per pair. Personal socks are not allowed.

Are there any age requirements or limits?

There are no age restrictions, but there is a designated area for children 7 years old and younger. Interaction with parents is encouraged. There are height restrictions. For Warrior Attractions or Climbing Walls, you must be at least 41 inches tall. Ropes Courses and Sky Riders require 48 inches. Maximum height of the tubes: 52 inches

How does the park keep clean?

Urban Air uses long-lasting Residual Antimicrobial technology that inhibits microbe growth. Urban Air Trampoline Park’s unique fog application provides total coverage for a Hospital Grade disinfectant, which kills many harmful microbes.

Regular fog-applied treatments will be performed using EPA registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant(s), and EPA registered Antimicrobial Coating. No: Staph/MRSA and ringworm.

Are birthday parties and other special events possible?

Yes! Urban Air provides complete birthday party packages that include setup, hosting, and clean-up. Birthday parties can only be held in 2 homes

What are the urban air spots?

Urban Air Adventure Park is the nation’s most popular indoor theme park, with over 200 locations in operation or under construction across the country.

What is the hourly rate of urban air in Texas?

What is the average salary at Urban Air Adventure Park Texas? The hourly average pay at Urban Air Adventure Park ranges between $7.62 for staff members and $22.36 for fitness instructors.

What is the average cost of urban air in NJ?

The average hourly wage for Urban Air Adventure Park employees ranges between $10.00 for a Cook and $30.57 for a Sales Consultant. The average Urban Air Adventure Park salary is between $57,200 for General Manager and $72,640 for Sales.

What age do you have to be in order to work for Walmart?

Minimum 16 years of age

What are the requirements to apply for a job with Sam’s Club or Walmart? The career field you are interested in will have different requirements. You must be at minimum 16 years of age to work at Walmart or 18 at Sam’s Club. Some positions require you to be at least 18 years old.

How can I cancel my urban-air membership?

Unless otherwise stated herein, you may not cancel your membership during the 12-month Initial Term. After your 12-month Initial Term, you may cancel your membership at any time online at www.urbanairmembership.com.

Is California blessed with urban air?

Your Urban Air Sacramento Adventure Awaits

Urban Air Adventure Park offers indoor amusements year round in West Sacramento, Rosemont and Rio Linda areas.

Is Orlando Florida a city?

Your Urban Air Orlando (Hamlin) Adventure Awaits

Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park is the place to be if you are looking for indoor entertainment that’s open all year in Orlando (Hamlin). We are the indoor playground that offers endless fun for all ages.

Is Virginia a city with urban air?

Thalhimer is excited to announce Urban Air Adventure Park has leased 43,311 square feet in the former Ukrop’s Grocery at 4250 Plank Road in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Urban Air Adventure Park is joining Planet Fitness who leased 19,889 sqft at 4250 Plank Road.

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