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College writing tasks need to be supported by data acquired from scholarly journals, papers, and books in addition to being clear, intelligible, and devoid of any language errors. Before they even start writing, the students are required to conduct some in-depth research. Research methodology is an important yet crucial aspect of the thesis. It mainly emphasizes explaining extensive philosophical features that underpin the methods opted for the research for providing the reader with an effective approach (dissertationwritinghelp, 2021)

However, students find research as one of the dullest, most time-consuming, and laborious components of writing. Therefore, they often seek help from academic help services for all assignment help so that they can assist them in the authentic research process. Modern technology is trying to make every aspect of life easier. There are various ways in which it might aid students in streamlining and simplifying their research process as well.


Students need to perform so many tasks one after the other that they feel exhausted. They feel the need for something that can ease their burden. That is why often they go to the extent of asking someone to do my homework for me so that they can avoid the tiresome research process. Well, here are a few outstanding research resources that will enable students to conduct their research like experts.


Students often have to go for editing and spell-checking to make their work look professional which takes a lot of time. Grammarly is a writing-enhancing tool that will save you a good amount of time and effort to complete the research process. It is a tool that students must consider while researching. It features a grammar checker, a punctuation checker, a vocabulary builder, and even a plagiarism detection tool in addition to simple spellchecking and fixes.

This fantastic program checks your work for more than 250 different forms of grammatical errors across six different writing genres, leaving you with flawless writing. It also provides full justifications for each of your mistakes, along with weekly updates. It is a crucial tool for researchers and is accessible as a Microsoft add-in, a desktop program, a web app, and a browser extension. It works with most internet apps, including Word, Slack, etc., and detects tone.

  • BIT.AI:

Finding what you are searching for online requires browsing a large number of websites, articles, blogs, photos, videos, infographics, and more. One requires a tool that unifies all parts of contemporary research in one frame in order to conduct fluid, innovative and mainstream research. Bit steps in at this point to offer its unique features.

 Bit enables teams and researchers to work together, exchange information, keep track of it, and organize all their research in one location.  It’s the ideal research tool for presenting multifaceted findings to peers as opposed to merely dry, uninteresting text and presentations. You may quickly share it with your colleagues by adding articles, PDFs, videos, eBooks, audio samples, white papers, and pretty much more.

It is a simple, basic editor with Markdown support and allows peer interaction in collaboration. Any kind of digital content may be included in your Bit document. It offers a media library where you may store all of your media files for easy access. Students may use smart search to rapidly discover any files, photos, documents, links, etc. during their research process.


All researchers should use, according to its developers, as a more intelligent Word and Latex substitute. Use the simple interface to get started with your study, or import Word documents you already have. It makes conducting research a little bit too simple with its selection of over 100,000+ certified journal formats. This is another one of the most significant research tools that offer unlimited functionality even with the free version.

To guarantee that your work is error-free, Typeset also includes a plagiarism and grammar checker. After uploading and quoting, select auto format to quickly create your report. Your study is also available for download as a Zip file, PDF, Docx, or Latex file.

With built-in collaboration tools, you may also invite other researchers to the platform. is a writing and collaborative tool for researchers. The creators of had trouble formatting academic papers and journal submissions using LaTeX and Word. They were thus able to discover that nobody had created a system to meet the requirements of academics and researchers.

  • It provides a research writing-specific editor that streamlines version management and collaboration, automates formatting, and publishes immediately in a variety of formats. The application then provides structured metadata to publishers.
  • Academics and researchers who produce white papers, instructional materials, technical documentation, and journal or research papers will find to be excellent as it improves their workflow and efficiency.
  • This platform serves as the perfect link since it blends the simplicity of writing and teamwork with the reliability of LaTeX.

Many times, research entails reading dozens or hundreds of links and articles, consolidating them in a secure location for future use, or sharing them as a reference in content is important. To swiftly save these links in one place and share them with their colleagues, many academics utilize bookmarking and curation programs like elink. Researchers can quickly store material from the internet using elink.

Students can preserve social network postings, cloud files, video links from articles, and much more by using this beneficial research tool. To share their study with their colleagues, researchers have the choice of saving information to their link library or contributing it directly to content collections. You can either right-click or just click the extension to save it. Elink also offers a browser plugin that makes bookmarking simple.


Another excellent program that can help students in organizing their notes and create research papers is called Scrivener. It is a program designed for lengthy writing projects and is used by researchers, screenwriters, students, journalists, professors, attorneys, novelists, translators, non-fiction writers, and more. After joining up, you are immediately shown its editor along with a sidebar to keep things organized.

Additionally, you may divide your text into digestible chunks of any size and let Scrivener connect them. There is also a corkboard for authors and storytellers where you may arrange the cards as you wish to envision your plot. The outliner stores a summary of your previous writing together with metadata and word counts. Research articles and other files can be organized by users in folders and subfolders.


Due to technology students no longer need to go through a ton of books and do a tiresome research procedure. However, conducting research is still a lengthy and thorough procedure. It may be time-consuming to go through validated material and choose only the best because modern research is constantly changing.

 The researcher student is usually found involved in carrying out a study include planning, designing, collecting data, analyzing, drawing meaningful interpretations, and reporting the research findings (Ali, 2016). Therefore, some of the top research tools can make it simple for you to perform and manage your study. These tools are key factors in the effectiveness of a research process since it is frequently conducted by investigating various forms of digital information.

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