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Top 10 DJs in Bangladesh

Some talented people from the capital have helped the music scene in Bangladesh grow and thrive. Since many young DJs have started up in the last few years, the city is full of creative artists who love making music.
In other words, Bangladesh has a growing music scene with a lot of young musicians and bands. It also has some DJs who have been around for a long time and still make great music.

So, most people in our country need to know about well-known DJs. In this article, I’ll talk about Bangladesh’s top 10 DJs.

These DJs have been in the business for a long time and have a lot of experience. You can also find out about us and the DJ in our country. So, let’s get started.

DJ Rahat

DJ Rahat is the best DJ in Bangladesh. He is also one of Dhaka’s best DJs. He goes by the full name Rahat Hayat. But DJ Rahat makes the most money and is the best DJ in Bangladesh.
The types of music he plays are house, electro house, and big room house. In 2004, he got his first job. Rahat was a DJ at Dhaka’s Fantasy Kingdom at the time.

DJ Rahat has also played in many different places in Bangladesh. In 2007, he sang Nancy’s Bondhu song. In 2009, he also put out the album Abhimani Deyal with Julie.

DJ Rahat also played at the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011 and the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup in 2014. These two things are very important for his career.

DJ Rahat also put out 8 albums with well-known musicians. Artists include Kumar Biswajit, Partha Barua, Konal, Oyshee, Nancy, Kona, Bappa Mazumder, Pantho Kanai, etc. So, you can think of DJ Rahat as one of Bangladesh’s top 10 DJs.

But DJ Rahat doesn’t have a set price for hiring. He wants to be paid by the program. In a high-class organization, he asks for a lot of money. To find out how much DJ Rahat is getting paid, you must talk to us directly.

DJ Sonica

DJ Sonica is the best DJ in Dhaka for women. She is well-known not only in Dhaka, but also in the rest of Bangladesh. Her full name is Marzia Kabir Sonica. She came into the world on October 21, 1989.
But DJ Sonica is known as the first female DJ in Bangladesh who did it as a job. She was trained by DJ Rahat, and she began her career in 2007.

She plays in many clubs and five-star hotels. DJ Sonica is also well-known in India, which is worth mentioning. She has played with Sonu Nigam, AKS, Bombay Vikings, and many other well-known artists.

DJ Sonica also played at the start of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. She is also the DJ with the most money. She gets paid by the hour. She still needs to fix her rate, though. So, if you want to hire her, you have to talk to her directly.

DJ Sajib

DJ Sajib is another top DJ in Dhaka who is a professional. He has also been a DJ in the town for a long time. DJ Sajib, on the other hand, loves playing house, 90s disco, remixes, and top 40. But he knows how to play house and 90s disco like no one else.

DJ Sajib also played at high-end nightclubs and 5-star hotels. He did, however, officiate at a wedding. He asked $80 for each hour. The service charge must cover the cost of travel.

DJ Nebir

DJ Nebir is another great Bangladeshi DJ. He came into the world on July 2, 1994. But Electro House and Progressive House are his styles. In 2011, he got his first job. In Bangladesh, he was named one of the top five DJs in 2012.

He began his career by putting on a show at a Hotel Radisson. But he also puts together music. People mostly know him as a DJ, though. Now, he does something that everyone knows. Nebir can be hired for a fair price.

DJ Anik

One of the best DJs in BD is DJ Anik. DJ Anik is a very experienced DJ in this business, which is worth mentioning. His main genres are house, disco, remixes, etc. He also likes to play top 40, techno, local, 80s, 90s, Vinyl, and a lot of other things.

Moreover, DJ Anik performs all over Bangladesh. He also plays at many 5-star and 4-star hotels, high-end clubs, and well-known events. But for each program, he charges 8000 takas per hour. To book DJ Anik, you must book him for at least 7 hours of your program.


DJ AKS is another one of Bangladesh’s best DJs. He also goes by the name Abdul. Also, DJ AKS has a lot of experience as a DJ and has won awards for compressing music. He loves to play music from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s as well as hip hop, techno, rock, top 40, house, local, lounge, etc.

Also, DJ AKS played at a place with a good reputation. He also did his thing on the International stage. DJ AKS is making some DJ beats for YouTubers who are well-known. He makes $100 an hour for his work.

DJ Leepooh

DJ Leepooh is the best wedding DJ in the city of Dhaka. But Leepooh plays music that people want to hear. DJ Leepooh also loves to play music from the 90s, 80s, and 00s, as well as hip hop, disco, rock, the top 100, house, local, etc. He has been a Wedding DJ for a long time.

DJ Leeppoh is able to play everywhere. But the wedding party gives him work quickly. He charges 2500 taka per hour, though. There is smoke, a DJ system, a light, and other things in these packages. At least 5 hours are needed to book him.

DJ Maria

Another well-known female DJ in Bangladesh is DJ Maria. She is also the first woman DJ to be successful after DJ Sonica. But DJ Maria didn’t start her career until 2007. She used to be a model before she became a DJ. But Maria enjoys making music. So, she changed her job.

Also, DJ Maria played at all of the well-known places. She played at a five-star hotel and a four-star hotel. Hip hop, retro, house, R&B, electronic, etc. are her main strengths.

DJ Maria, on the other hand, charges a lot of money per show. To use her service, you have to make a special order.

DJ Anjan

DJ Anjan is a famous DJ from Narayanganj. He is also known in Narayanganj city as the best DJ for weddings. DJ Anjan, on the other hand, likes to play top 40, Bollywood, house, local, remixes, club, disco, and other music styles. He has been a wedding DJ in Narayanganj for a long time.

DJ Anjan also played at parties for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events. But he can use different beats in his music. To hire him, you have to pay him $40 per hour. He needs to be booked at least 6 hours ahead of time.

DJ Samanta

One of the most well-known female DJs in Bangladesh is DJ Samanta. But she didn’t start working until 2013. DJ Samata is the best at house, electro, progressive, funky, R&B, dubstep, dutch, etc. She has been a DJ for a long time.
Samata has been on some well-known shows. The DNCC Mayor Cup 2021, Pan Pacific Sonargaon, the Inter College Cricket Championship 2022, and the Women’s Cricket Championship 2022 are some of the programs. The service charge for DJ Samantha is very high. Before your program, you have to pay 50%.

Last Thought

Bangladesh is full of skilled DJs, and it’s no secret that the scene there is growing quickly. So, do you find Bangladesh’s best DJ?

When it comes to DJs, DJ Rahat is the best in Bangladesh. Over the years, his mix of old-school and new remixes has won him a lot of fans, and his sets are always full of energy.

Hire DJ Rahat if you want a night out you’ll never forget and a chance to dance until you drop.

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