Three tips to keep in mind when playing 1v1.LOL

1v1. LOL is distinct from other Battle Royale games for a number of ways. One difference is that, like Free Fire, it is only available for mobile devices. Another distinguishing feature is that it focuses on fewer players and smaller terrain.

This is not your average large map with several configurations. Instead, you combat another player one-on-one on a tiny, box-like area. The animations and building styles are reminiscent to Fortnite. The fact that you have immediate access to weaponry and construction parts is a significant distinction (and a bonus).

Besides from one-on-one combat, you can also play Duos games and several specialized modes. One of them is Zombies, which you should undoubtedly be acquainted with if you like Call of Duty. It may be played alone or in groups. It’s a pleasant change from the ordinary, and here are a few pointers to get you started.

Build as Much as Possible

Build as Much as Possible

In order to keep the zombies occupied, you don’t need to go overboard, but you only have a brief window of time before the round begins. They’ll not only attempt to find you but also try to destroy your forts, so it serves as both defense and a pleasant diversion.

Although you can set up throughout the round, it may be simpler to create before the game begins, so don’t worry about it. Then, you zombie killer, start firing away with that gun of yours. It’s convenient that you already have all the necessary construction materials available, as we just indicated.

So, you do not need to flee as the monsters pursue you or fumble for supplies. But the fun part about zombie 1v1 battles is In the following section of this essay, we’ll discuss weaponry. LOL is when you use your weapon to send someone into oblivion.

Try a Shotgun

I’ll start by mentioning that you are allowed to use whatever weapon you want in 1v1. LOL. With zombies, though, since you’re dealing with a swarm of opponents, a shotgun is a decent option. When used at close range, shotguns are excellent in many games.

What about when confronted with a horde? It’s quite cool. You may not need to move as much as you think since your shots will destroy your opponents. It’s important to be mobile, of course, but possessing the shotgun’s close-range power may assist.

It’s a fun weapon to employ against the enemies, but once again, the choice is entirely yours. So feel free to give it a go and see if it’s something you think you can handle.

Dance Around a Bit

This is a great strategy for machine gun users but can be good for others too. Good old-fashioned mobility can really work in your favour in 1v1. LOL Zombies mode. The ghoulish fiends are fairly quick but so are you so make use of your speed.

If you have your forts built then you can manoeuvre around it if you want. You can also just run around the open arena if you wish as well, in order to gain some separation. They’re using axes so you’ll have the advantage with a gun in hand.

Just make sure you aren’t backing up into any corners and you should be in great shape. And as with most gun-related games, you can run and gun. You can also jump if you need to also. No guarantee that this gets you out of being trapped in a corner but it’s something to make use of if needed.

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