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The Ultimate Family Portrait Idea Collection!

The months of September and October are the busiest for family photographers. Everyone seems to want fall leaf shots. However, fall photos are just one of the dozens of possibilities for wowing clients with enjoyable sessions and great images. We’ve prepared a vast list of ideas for family portraits.

Traditional Portraiture

Even if your simpsons family photo session is less formal, make time for at least one classic portrait. Everyone is lined up, smiling their finest smiles for the camera. At least, that’s the plan.

We have family photo ideas for every season, including winter, spring, summer, and fall! The following ideas are great for blending classic portrait poses with candid play. They are, nevertheless, seasonal and necessitate pleasant outdoor weather!

Don’t just stand there staring at the golden, gold, and orange trees. Participate in them. Throwing leaves, jumping in mounds of them, and investigating the many forms and textures will appeal to both youngsters and adults.

Decorations for a Christmas Tree

Any Christmas scenario would be appreciated by clients. However, because it creates a festive environment and offers youngsters something to do, decorating the Christmas tree is perfect for family portraits. Don’t forget to take some posed photos of the tree in all its festive splendor!

Shooting a family photograph with Christmas lights may be the best way to generate gorgeous bokeh. Choose colored or white lights to complement your scene. Use the lights to highlight your subject or to create bokeh orbs in the background. Gary Fong, the lighting maestro, offers terrific video instruction on rocking around the Christmas tree portrait ideas here.

Getting Ice Cream

What kid can resist an ice cream cone? What grownup, in fact, does not adore ice cream? Instead of enticing youngsters with ice cream after a session (you’ve done it!). In my opinion, these would look especially beautiful in boutique ice cream stores or old-fashioned soda shops.

Other Seasonal Family Photo Ideas

  • On the beach.
  • It was at a fair.
  • A relaxing day at the pool.
  • Fourth of July is the theme.
  • Sparklers and smiles.

The interaction of members is at the heart of the lifestyle of pictures. These sessions feature minimal to no posing and instead focus on capturing candid moments. Many can be performed both indoors and outdoors, and do not require a complicated set or a great number of props. Try one of these ideas for your next customer.

Themes for Family Portraits

Sports-themed lessons are perfect for families that live near a baseball diamond or a football field in the summer or fall. Football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, rodeo, swimming…any sport that means something to the portrait is a great source of inspiration for photos.

Please, all Supermans! Is this the real Superman? Superpersons? Regardless… Select a superhero and a setting, then let your imagination run wild. Family members can dress up as the same superhero, different superheroes, or a mix of villains and superheroes!

We promised you a long list of portrait ideas, and we’re still not done! Here are some additional picture shoot ideas. These concepts demand a little more organization and collaboration. However, if they are committed to the principle, the results are spectacular!

Family Madness

If your clients have a great sense of comedy, use a bizarre photo. Allow the children to imprison the parents, or use Photoshop to make it appear as if the parents have taped the children to the wall. Everyone has more fun when the scenario is odd and ludicrous.

Clothing Options for Family Portraits

“What Should We Wear?” is the most often asked question by clients. Prepare to make simple fashion suggestions for your clients.

Instead of matching, encourage clients to wear outfits that complement one another. The complete family dressed in white t-shirts and denim appears dated these days. Similarly, matching flannel shirts are an outmoded trend. Clients should also make an effort to relax during their session! Encourage children to dress appropriately for the weather, to wear comfortable shoes, and to feel at ease in their clothing.

Beautiful portraits don’t necessitate a lot of equipment. A cell phone is perfect for snapping candid photos to post on social media. Large prints, on the other hand, require a mirrorless or DSLR camera and a high-quality lens.

Look for a camera with a resolution of at least 24 MP. This resolution is sufficient for printing in higher resolution formats such as 1114 or 1620 prints and canvas. You’ll also want a camera that can freeze time for crystal-clear photos and captures vibrant colors. Combine it with a portrait lens with a medium focal length, such as a 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8, or 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom.

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