The Fishing Trawler Minigame in OSRS

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is an online multiplayer game that was released in 2013. The game offers a variety of activities, including skilling, combat, and quests. One of the popular activities in the game is the Fishing Trawler minigame, where players team up to catch fish and earn rewards. In this article, we will explore a osrs Fishing Trawler guide, through its mechanics, and how to play it.

Mechanics of the Fishing Trawler Minigame

The Fishing Trawler minigame is a cooperative activity that requires players to work together to catch fish. The game takes place on a fishing trawler, which sails around the sea looking for fishing spots. The players’ task is to help the crew catch fish and prevent the boat from sinking. The minigame has a time limit of 10 minutes, and players must work together to catch as many fish as possible within the allotted time.

Playing the Fishing Trawler Minigame

To play the Fishing Trawler minigame, players must first travel to Port Khazard, which is located in the south of the game’s map. Once there, they can speak to Murphy, who will take them to the fishing trawler. Players must pay 100 coins to board the boat, and they will need to bring their own fishing net to catch fish.

Once on board, players must work together to catch fish by repairing nets, bailing water, and fixing leaks in the boat. The boat will stop at various fishing spots, where players can cast their nets to catch fish. However, the fishing spots are limited, and players must work quickly to catch as many fish as possible before the boat moves on to the next spot.

To catch fish, players must use their fishing nets to scoop them up from the water. However, the nets will deteriorate over time and will need to be repaired. To repair a net, players must use a rope and a piece of cloth on the net. They can also use the cloth to bail water out of the boat and prevent it from sinking. The boat will also spring leaks over time, and players must use planks to patch them up.

Rewards for Playing the Fishing Trawler Minigame

Players can earn several rewards by playing the Fishing Trawler minigame. These rewards include:

Fish – Players can catch a variety of fish, including tuna, swordfish, and shark. These fish can be sold for a profit or used to train the Cooking skill.

Angler outfit – Players can earn pieces of the Angler outfit by completing the minigame. The outfit provides a small fishing bonus and reduces the rate at which fishing nets degrade.

Trawler points – Players can earn Trawler points by completing the minigame. These points can be used to purchase rewards such as the Trawler hat, Trawler top, and Trawler trousers.


The Fishing Trawler minigame in OSRS is an exciting cooperative activity that requires players to work together to catch fish and prevent the boat from sinking. Be sure to check out this fishing guide for osrs, if you want to learn more about the skills role in the game. But, anyway the minigame is challenging but rewarding, and players can earn a variety of rewards by playing it. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, the Fishing Trawler minigame is a great way to have fun and earn rewards in OSRS.

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