Steps to create an app like Map My Run in 2023

Steps to create an app like Map My Run in 2023

Want to know how to develop an on-demand app like Map My Run?

Worry not, we have got you covered! In this article, we will learn about the various steps, associate with developing an app like Map My Run.

Along this, we will also learn how on-demand app development companies go about handling such a complex process and how you too, can make this process easier for you.

So, without further ado, let us get into it!

We all are aware of the sound benefits of running. Even those people who hate going to the gym or the ones that seem to hate vigorous cardio and strength training cannot get over the adrenaline rushes they get after a good run.

It has several benefits which include the following:

  • Reduce fat
  • Strengthen muscle
  • Lower stress levels
  • Prevent cardio diseases
  • Improve lung and heart function
  • High digestion rate

This is the reason people are choosing it, and business experts are running to hire app developers in order to leverage this exercise mode. No doubt it is one of the high investment return rates applicable in the market due to the increasing obesity and heart-related issues that are taking over the world since the lockdown.

Apart from this, various other fitness gadgets have helped to promote smart tracking which might have seemed like a joke a few years back. Monitoring heart rates, counting steps and tracking calories has never been easier.

These smart gadgets have also increased the interaction rate of users along with fitness apps. For example, a user that wears a fitness band 24×7 has complete access to his heart rate, but how? This is due to the app that he or she might be using. This is the reason that the profit rates of on-demand app development companies are also increasing significantly.

What does an App like Map My Run do?

In the easiest language, it is the measure of the distance you ran! No okay, apart from this, there are several other things this app is capable of. With a fantastic user interface and a high response rate, it crosses off all the requirements of a well-to-do app earning excellent reviews on the websites and app stores.

Apart from stats it provides the users with complex functionalities which include heart rate stats and fitness goals. Accessing your phone’s GPS can help navigate places with ease and even track the tiniest details like the distance of your stride and cadence. This app is also available in multiple platforms like iOS and Android which makes it perfect for use on any device. It also increases the market for retail and helps to target more clients.

Due to such intricate features, many app development companies look at this app for references. App developers who are trying to get into the development field are also looking up to this app and stuffing its features. Apart from this, it is predicted that the running app sector will estimate to be about 1 Billion by the end of the year 2025. With the introduction of new gadgets like smartwatches, these kinds of apps will always stay in demand no matter how much market value is predicted.

Features to include in your App

After convincing you that your decision is right, let us get into the various features that you can include when you are developing an app like Map My Run. There are several things that you should take care of. The first one includes having an attractive user interface.

No matter how many complex and amazing features you provide, if the User Interface is bad, the chances are that the users will install the app immediately. To prevent this from happening, choose an interface that you will prefer using too, and then take care that the reaction and processing time of the app is not very high.

People tend to hire app developers additionally who are able to solve the issues of response time. Make sure that the servers are not choked up and that the databases are always null and have ample cloud space in order to accumulate data from the client. It is necessary to keep the code lightweight. Also, always seek professional help from an app development company in case you feel that you are stuck.

Enough of these instructions, now let us get into the features. The list is as follows:

  1. Creating an account for the user so that you can have a piece of in-depth information on the backend of your project
  2. Options to customize the profile according to the needs of the customer
  3. Options to set goals within the app
  4. A strong GPS GUI can make the navigation process for the user easy
  5. Searching a route app so that the user does not get lost on his or her way
  6. Activity Cell that can keep the track of all the things that the user has done
  7. An option to share the achievements on other social media platforms
  8. A feature to connect to smart devices
  9. Connecting with friends options
  10. Various membership offers should be stated within a list

On-demand app development companies have various tricks up their sleeves. They do not launch all the features together but rather keep on constantly updating the app. This gives the impression that they are heavily invested in providing the customers with the best user experience. It also creates a hook for the users to always look out for the new features that the company might provide.

As far as the development process is concerned there are 5 main steps:

  1. Research
  2. Create a blueprint
  3. Appoint a team
  4. Test the software
  5. Launch

If one tends to follow these important steps, then success is guaranteed.


In every increasing craze about fitness, running apps like Map My Run are taking over the market swiftly. It is necessary that you set a budget and keep an eye out for the best features that you can include. Also, hire game developers that can develop the best user interface for your project.

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