Shadow Fight 2 Guide – Essential Tips

The popular action game Shadow Fight by Nekki has a sequel, simply titled Shadow Fight 2. You won’t find better animations or images anyplace else. In general, you get to feel like a deadly ninja, able to murder anybody who is in your way. To ascend the ranks, though, you must adopt a certain tactic, and that is to use all of your knowledge and abilities to eliminate the obstacles in your way.

If you’re new to Shadow Fight 2 and want to learn the ropes so you can become an unstoppable force in the game, you’ll need to know how to budget your resources, assemble the right set of equipment, and use the most effective approach to ensure victory in every bout. All of these and more must be in place if the Gates of Darkness are to be sealed again and the demons banished. If you want to get right down to business and learn the ropes of this action game, then keep reading our Shadow Fight 2 guide.

How to Win Battles More Effectively

In Shadow Fighting 2, your best bet is to arm yourself with the greatest weapons possible. Ranged weapons and spells become available later in the game. But, at the beginning of the game, you will largely use punches and kicks to dispatch your foes. If you’re the first one to take damage in a round, you’ll get the First Strike Buff and set the tone for the rest of the fight. To begin a battle, you may block your opponent’s blows and kicks, then withdraw while feigning defeat before unleashing your own devastating First Strike. 

Shadow Fight 2 Pc Game

The significance of kicks and punches is the next thing to learn. The kicks, for instance, are great for preventing your opponents from continuing their assaults and motions. Punches, particularly heat strikes, are the real deal, however. To do this, just kick your foe when you sense their approach. Following that, repeatedly strike your opponent and try to hit them in the head. Be careful to land a combination to rapidly invalidate them if they are adjacent to a wall.

Last but not least, hone your ninja skills. You may utilize the wall to get out of a tight spot, or to roll around behind your opponent for a surprise strike.

How to Effectively Manage Coins & Gems

In Shadow Fight 2, you may purchase items using coins and gems. Save your money for a purchase that will help you take down an opponent of Insane or higher difficulty level. Moreover, there are two gem-gathering methods available to you. The first is to go to the panel itself, which may be found in the settings or shop menu. You may get free stuff by doing surveys or viewing videos. These no-cost farming methods eliminate the need to use actual cash while buying gem packs.

Accepting free offerings often involves completing surveys, but doing so might net you some valuable rewards. But, even if you watch advertising for a whole minute, you’ll only find one gem. In addition, there are incentives for reaching certain milestones. One jewel represents one accomplishment. The longer you play, though, the more jewels you’ll unlock. Furthermore, if you want to keep the precious gems you’ve earned, don’t put off claiming your awards.

Nevertheless, the greatest ways to increase your coinage are via tournaments, survival modes, and duel modes. Nevertheless, if you run out of juice and can’t farm any longer, you may reset the clock on your device and start again. Your stamina will be restored immediately after that.

Shadow Fight 2 Tournament

Understanding Skill Trees, Skill Sets & Moves

You shouldn’t go out and purchase brand new gear unless you’re facing only Crazy or higher ranked foes. If you need to upgrade your gear, now is the time to do it. Keep in mind that protective equipment is crucial. This means you should prioritize the best options for your playstyle. If you like to play on the offensive, for instance, you should choose offensive gears. But if you already have the talents and want to safeguard yourself from your adversaries, go shopping for protective gear.

You may enhance your playstyle by leveling up the corresponding skill trees. These are talents that may be leveled up to make you a more formidable fighter. As an instance, Cobra gives you a 40% chance, during the first three seconds of the game, that your First Strike will lower the enemy’s health by 10%.

Lastly, go on over to the dojo to work on your techniques. You may improve your chances of surviving in a battle by learning and using a variety of talents.

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