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6 Reasons to Avoid Failure Exam

Whenever I come across Albert Einstein’s quote, “Failure exam is success in progress”, it reminds me of my schoolmate. 

My schoolmate was one of the good scorers with many trophies and badges. However, she lost focus after the ninth and failed the class. As a result, she was made to sit with juniors. So naturally, she had to face a lot of criticism, embarrassment, and humiliation among family and friends, all that she took in a lighter sense. 

Surprisingly she didn’t lose in life. Instead, she took her failure as a test, a big test in life, and came back stronger than before. As a result, she doubled her score in the tenth and earned more respect than before. 

I didn’t lose touch with her during her lousy time and gathered the courage to ask her reasons for failure. Here are the reasons she stated.

 1. Procrastination 

The success formula doesn’t comprise procrastination. 

Procrastination is neither a mysterious curse on your time management ability nor a character flaw. It is instead a chosen way of coping with emotions induced by anxiety, self-doubt, boredom, and beyond. And students of today exhibit all of the emotions mentioned above inducing factors. Also, they are lazy enough to procrastinate and schedule all labor-intensive tasks like assignment help and studying for tomorrow. And guess what, the tomorrow never arrives. 

Simply put, procrastinating can be mentally and academically damaging as it results in depression and poor performance, respectively. 

Pro tip: Forgive yourself for procrastinating till yesterday and commit yourself to studying from today.

2. Lack of Perseverance

According to research, dedication is found to lack in impulsive students as they majorly focus on short-term gains. Perseverance is essential, and its shortage can make students feel disempowered, possibly resulting in self-sabotage. Also, active procrastination convinces you to cultivate unnecessary and unwanted pressure. Also, this deeply ingrained behavioral pattern is heard to break overnight. Habits are changeable when you stop practicing them. So, here is the next tip for you:

Pro tip: If you find a task unpleasant, combat your desire to focus on short-term gains and walk the path that brings you long-term gains. Ask yourself, “Could make my assignment? The answer itself will explain the significance of perseverance to you.

3. Distractions

Amazon Prime and Netflix aren’t the only ones to be blamed. Consider your inability to say NO to a happening party at your friend’s place as a possible distraction. 

As suggested by my schoolmate, these distractions can become a significant reason for your failure. As she had explained to me, distractions can have long-term effects, including a drop in the IQ of the prey person. All sources of distraction work on a single formula – they attack a person’s attention-seeking analytic behavior, consuming their ability to be heedful. 

Pro tip: Keep the Internet tabs to a minimum and increase silence alerts. You can also use music to cut down noise. 

4. Low Confidence

Being on the extremes is not suggestive for anyone, especially students. 

Miscalibrations can make a student dogmatic. You can feel that your way is the ONLY way to cope with an issue. And since your confidence in your biased judgment is reliably higher than the unbiased accuracy of the judgment itself, it can potentially harm your outcome. You will potentially mismanage tasks and cannot even regret it appropriately because you were overconfident. 

In a different light, being low in self-esteem can harm you mentally. Low confidence is an unhelpful behavior that can make you anxious and depressed if not avoided. And with low self-esteem, you will never be ready to experience new things. Let alone experiment with new learning habits and writing innovative assignments. As a result, you eventually get pushed toward exam failure.

Pro tip: Those who run low in confidence can break through their comfort zone and increase their confidence level. And those who are on the other end can be honest with themselves. Listen to yourself cautiously and accept criticism seriously.

5. Poor Time Management 

Poor time management blinds your mind’s eye to judging between what is essential and what is not. Students who don’t have control over time leave important assignments until the eleventh hour. One study confirmed that students with better time management strategies performed better in coursework and felt less overburdened. However, with zero knowledge of time management skills, students also fell prey to lowered motivation and missed deadlines. 

With every missed deadline, the number of failed assignments grows, catapulting you toward poor performance and exam failure. And lower grades can lead to sleep deprivation and deteriorating health conditions. 

Pro tip:  Prepare a calendar at the beginning of your academic year and schedule studies and partying. The trick lies in strictly following the plan every day.

 6. Lack of Interest 

The pursuit of a major is in no way related to your amount of interest in the particular course. So, if you are interested, that is one thing. What if you are not? Students who have chosen a subject out of peer or family pressure generally have difficulty surviving the course. They can hardly heed the course sessions and find it challenging to interact with subject-related issues. It is common for someone to seldom give their best in something that their mind is not in the venture. 

Failures often make students build a castle where only failure lives in. However, there are ways to knock down the castle. 

Pro tip: Create an active study plan and incentivize for every topic you complete. You can also associate the subject with something that you prefer doing. 

Parting thoughts,

You can always incorporate ways in your schedule to fight against your fear of failure. Failure breaks your self-esteem, but even that is a momentary reaction. You can always stand up and fight back the next day. However, the silver lining is that you can always avoid failure by knowing its reasons from the root. And once you know the reasons, follow the pro tips mentioned in this blog. Remember that all you need to do is correct what needs to be corrected and rightfully. 

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