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PVC Card Printer in Pakistan

We supply PVC Card Printer in Pakistan, often known as plastic card printers and radio frequency identification card printers. We are authorized Smart ID PVC card printer dealers in Pakistan; thus, in addition to the lowest possible price, we provide superior customer service and full protection of the manufacturer’s warranty. This PVC card printer can print on any blank plastic card with consistency and durability. Every business, office, hospital, or large corporation can benefit from installing and using one of these plastic card printers. We stock plastic card printers from a wide range of manufacturers, including Smart-ID, HID Fargo RFID, and many more, at the forefront of the plastic card printing business.

The PVC Card Printer

Easily and quickly print full, edge-to-edge colorful PVC Card Printer in Pakistan with this RFID card printer, which is a direct-to-card printer. Printing high-quality PVC cards in-house will cut down on the waste of pre-printed cards and excess cards that won’t be put to good use. You may forget about having your printing company handle PVC card printing in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, or anywhere else in Pakistan.

The Cost of a Plastic Card Maker in Pakistan

The cost of a plastic card printer in Pakistan would differ depending on the intended use, printing quality, and speed required. Although single-sided card printers are less expensive than two-sided models, they are slower and can only print on one side of a card at a time. Though expensive, a dual-sided card printer in Pakistan is a worthwhile investment for businesses or organizations needing to print large quantities.

Inkjet Card Maker

You need a plastic card printer if you work in a business, school, or hospital. PVC identification cards are a must for employees who have recently joined a company of medium or large size. Identification cards may be required for students, visitors, and patient caregivers to gain access to the facility. If you want to avoid the hassle of having to get ID card printing services every week or month, a plastic card printing machine is your best bet. The smart ID card printing equipment is built for rapid, dependable card production at photo quality. Avoid the hassle of having to constantly get ID card printing services done, whether it be weekly or monthly. Get a plastic card printer that will endure a long time. The smart ID card printing equipment is designed to reliably and rapidly generate ID cards of high photographic quality.

When it comes to printing photos and graphics, our PVC card printer is your best bet. The printer’s settings are instantly modified to produce professional-quality prints. With this retransfer printer, you can create long-lasting, spotless cards, even on smart cards’ wavy surfaces. For your convenience, we also offer a printer that can print on both sides of an RFID card simultaneously. The RFID card printer from Smart ID is great for businesses that issue many ID cards or need to print on both sides of the cards.

Create and print greeting cards of your imagination.

The revolutionary ease of use of the ZC300 allows you to print anything, whenever, and from virtually anywhere. Use new ribbons with various colors and effects to print one- or two-sided, full-bleed color or black-and-white cards. Thanks to some clever innovation, printing ID cards can be done with the push of a button, without any of the usual hassles. The most space-efficient design in its class, this printer makes it simple to set up card printing wherever it’s needed. And Print DNA provides a suite of valuable technologies that streamline the process of adding card printing to your apps, designing cards, and providing support for your printers.


The ZC300 will improve the speed and ease with which you print any kind of card you require, whether it be an identification or access card, a membership card, a ticket to an event, or a credit or debit card. We can print anything single- or double-sided; in color, black and white, or metallic; anything you may imagine. This printer is the first in its price range to insert security markings dynamically. Upgrade the card with a magnetic stripe, or make contact or contactless version. The ZC300 streamlines the card-printing process, regardless of card complexity, thanks to the thoughtful design that went into it by Zebra’s Industrial Design team. In addition, wherever you may be, you can print your secure cards thanks to a new and innovative design. The ZC300 Series simplifies complicated card printing.

Partners and clients interested in using a Zebra card printer for smartcard encoding should get in touch with their Account Manager or a Zebra-approved smartcard ISV for assistance with integration.

Card Maker in Pakistan Made of Plastic

There are two distinct types of plastic card printers on the market in Pakistan. The opposing side of a card printed with a single-sided card printer will stay blank. A dual-sided card printer can simultaneously print on both sides of a card.

Fargo HDP Printers from HID

High-resolution print quality and compatibility with all types of technology cards have made HID Fargo HDP printers a household name. HID Global is widely recognized as the go-to firm for enhancing plastic card functionality. Products from HID Fargo are dependable, high-quality printers that are also simple to use for printing on plastic cards. We are Smart ID Pakistan’s manufacturers’ representatives. Thus, all the products we sell are priced extremely competitively. Choosing the right printer makes a huge difference in card quality. The HID Fargo device provides a degree of personalization. In Europe, Fargo printers have been standard fare for decades. Plastic card color printing makes all the sophisticated aspects possible, and this is just one of the many unique capabilities shared by all Fargo HID printers. Obviously, this is job-specific. HID Fargo is an official distributor in Pakistan, so you can trust that you’ll get the best deals and services when you buy from them.

DTC Printers for HID Fargo Cards

Even with the advent of specialized machinery, the technical steps involved in card assurance remain challenging. Dye sublimation printing is the most frequent method to imprint an image into a plastic card. However, there are others. Dye-sublimation printers from HID Fargo DTC are top-notch. It’s simple to operate and doesn’t require nearly as much technical expertise to keep running as older printing machinery. Thermal heating and dye-sublimation technology in the HID Fargo DTC printer transferred tape paint directly to plastics. Finally, the print head’s hundreds of thermal cells are responsible for heating the dye. More than 16 million tons of color options are available when using this method. The HID Fargo DTC Printers system lowers the expense of making full-color plastic cards without sacrificing efficiency.

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