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Prostate cancer can take away masculinity of a man

The prostate gland, prostate cancer treatment

The prostate gland in men is associated with the production of sperm. Prostate cancer treatment involves treating the issue of the production of sperm in men. 

Enzalutamide effectiveness for cancer

Enzalutamide capsules for cancer of the prostate gland may prevent healthy cells from it turning cancerous. Enzalutamide may stop cancer cells in the prostate gland from growing in numbers and spreading to other parts of the body. Treatment of cancer involves preventing further breakage of cells already affected and hit by cancer. Enzalutamide may help in this direction towards cancer cells in the prostate gland of men, known as prostate cancer or cancer of the prostate gland. 

What precautions to follow in the use of Enzalutamide? 

Keep away from the reach of children Enzalutamide. Enzalutamide is not for the use of women. Don’t use Enzalutamide on pregnant women and lactating mothers. Enzalutamide needs a prescription from a doctor for its use. Is not for self-********** purposes Enzalutamide. 

Can Enzalutamide have side effects on the body? 

Enzalutamide can have side effects on the body comprising – Bleeding, Low white blood cell count, Bloating, Joint pain, Drowsiness, Vomiting, Hot flashes, Skin rash, Allergic reaction, Pounding in the ears, Sudden weight gain, Painful urination, Dry skin, Nausea, High blood pressure, Irregular heartbeat, Difficulty in breathing, Blurred vision, Itching, Dizziness, Fever, Mouth sore, Muscle weakness, Anxiety, Depression, Seizures, Diarrhea, Numbness, Headache, Weakness, Back pain, Fatigue, Chest pain, Loss of appetite.  

At what stage of life a man can get affected by prostate cancer? 

A man in his reproductive age can get affected by cancer of the prostate gland. A young boy may have a lesser chance of suffering from prostate cancer compared to a man in his reproductive age. A man, however, stays reproductive all his life compared to a woman. Ovaries of women after a certain point of time stop producing eggs required for their getting pregnant. 

How can a man know that he is suffering from prostate cancer? 

Cancer cells can remain inside the prostate gland without interfering with the day-to-day activity of a man. If it comes with a total downfall in one’s health, a check-up becomes important. In some cases, cancer cells in the prostate gland may show the threat of moving outside it and spreading in different areas of the body – in such circumstances, it becomes necessary to mull on issues such as operating on the prostate gland, if required removing it as well. Prostate cancer may come with pain, and blood in the urine as its symptoms. 

What can happen in the course of a man suffering from prostate cancer? 

A man suffering from prostate cancer may become infertile due to problems with the production of sperm. The same thing happens when a woman suffers from ovarian cancer. Innumerable sperm are produced by the prostate gland; however, it is just one sperm that fuses with the egg of a woman and helps in fertilization. No one knows the exact sperm which would fuse with the egg of a woman helping in fertilization. Therefore, it becomes important to take care of all the sperm, and the prostate gland and protect it from issues of prostate cancer and other ones. 

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