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praxis vs iknowmed – Stay informed and in charge of your health

Praxis EMR Software

The Praxis EMR software enables the user to improve their practice and make it more efficient and productive. This is done by analyzing the way the user works and adjusting their workflow to suit their style of practice. It also helps the user to practice faster and easier. This allows for a higher quality of practice and ensures a better health outcome.

aims to accommodate the different practice styles of doctors

Praxis EMR is one of the most advanced and flexible electronic medical record solutions on the market today. It is a template-free system that uses AI-driven technology to help physicians deliver smarter, more efficient medicine.

Praxis EMR provides a powerful tool for both independent practitioners and hospital-affiliated clinics. It features a unique artificial intelligence engine, called Concept Processing. This technology helps physicians anticipate and prevent medical errors.

Praxis EMR also includes a knowledge base and an online forum. This helps users build and share their own knowledge. It also offers a unique way to integrate clinical guidelines into the EHR system.

Praxis EMR also incorporates a free text approach to the management of medical records. This means that physicians can chart and document in their own words, and that they can add content to their own methodology.

provides a template-free EMR

Praxis EMR software is an electronic healthcare information system that gives medical professionals the freedom to practice medicine their way. It helps doctors and providers to better document, analyze, and report.

Praxis uses artificial intelligence to empower practitioners and clinicians to chart and document faster and more efficiently. It also allows users to satisfy Meaningful Use requirements. The Praxis DataMiner automatically calculates and reports all Meaningful Use percentages and generates reports in a variety of formats.

It is design for ambulatory, enterprise, and small-medium-sized practices. It can be deployed on-premise or through the cloud. The company’s goal is to increase productivity and improve profitability. Its unique solution to electronic charting enables physicians to chart in their own words, while maintaining mission critical accuracy.

facilitates patient communication

Praxis EMR is a top-rated electronic medical records (EMR) system that’s design to improve your practice. Its many features and capabilities help you chart and communicate more efficiently. It’s a good fit for family physicians, ACOs, hospital-affiliated clinics, independent practitioners, and more.

Its intelligent features, like the Knowledge Exchanger, allow you to import all kinds of documents and knowledge bases. They can also be customized to your particular clinical workflow.

Its main benefits include its ability to eliminate medical errors, reduce your charting time, improve your bedside manner, and more. In addition, its built-in research tool and document manager are useful.

Another reason to use Praxis is its use of AI technology. Its Concept Processor, an artificial intelligence engine, is a powerful tool that encapsulates text for a specific user.

simplifies reporting

Praxis EMR is a smart cloud platform that uses artificial intelligence to streamline clinical tasks. It is suitable for both small and medium-sized medical practices.

Embedded AI technology in Praxis EMR software enhances productivity and reduces physician burnout. It eliminates pre-set templates of diseases and conditions and allows the physician to chart in his/her own words. This enables the physician to satisfy Meaningful Use and P4P initiatives.

Another key advantage of Praxis EMR is its customizable features. With the ability to store and modify any clinical parameter, the physician can customize the system to fit his/her practice. The software also features a knowledge exchange that enables the physician to incorporate the information of other colleagues and providers.

The platform also supports secure messaging and automatic reminders. It works with any operating system and allows physicians to work with patients on any device.

helps physicians in clinical studies, drug trials, and multi-center clinical investigations

Praxis EMR is a powerful medical tool that has been around for over twenty years. It created to make medicine more efficient, faster and easier for practitioners. It is built on artificial intelligence (AI) and a free-text interface, which allows for quick charting and reporting.

It includes a virtual assistant which helps physicians book appointments, check account balances and compare notes. It also boasts an intelligent reminder system that automatically alerts staff to call patients or schedule a repeat MRI.

It also offers a Level of Service tool which enables users to know when to take a break and when to stay with a patient. It also provides instant documentation of the time spent with a patient.

The software also offers a surprisingly simple workflow, making it easy for any practitioner to use. It has a plethora of useful features, including a comprehensive narrative report and lab integration.

Iknowmed EMR Software – Bring Your Practice Into the 21st Century

Iknowmed EMR software is an affordable way to bring your practice into the 21st century. It can help you improve patient care and increase efficiency while staying on top of Meaningful Use certification. It can also help you access patient data, order specialty *****, and perform other tasks.

Meaningful Use certification

If your practice has a iKnow Med Electronic Health Record, you are eligible to attest to Meaningful Use. This means you will be able to receive up to $63,750 in incentive payments over six years.

The program is design to improve the delivery of clinical care and encourage adoption of certified EHR technology. Incentives are available to qualified clinicians, hospitals and other healthcare organizations to promote EHR use. However, some of the requirements can be challenging. Fortunately, iKnowMed is here to help.

iKnowMed is an electronic health record that is specially design for oncology practices. It helps providers provide safe, high-quality care to their patients. It develop by oncologists and includes regular updates to meet the needs of oncology practices.

Meaningful Use is the name given to a federal government effort to make certified EHR systems more efficient and effective. The goal is to promote adoption and establish a foundation for future EHR use. It also helps health care organizations develop best practices and forms of treatment.

Patient portal

An iknowmed patient portal is a secure, online portal that offers patients secure access to their personal health records. It allows them to view their health records, schedule appointments, make payments, message providers, and seek sources of financial assistance.

The patient portal is a fairly new concept, but many practices have begun using them. They allow patients to view their own health records and messages and can also be used by family members on their behalf. They are generally hosted on a secure connection and require a username and password. Aside from the obvious benefits of providing patients with a better way to access their own medical information, they also offer new and innovative ways to interact with healthcare professionals.

Patient portals are typically used by patients with chronic diseases to better manage their health. Aside from offering access to medical records, they also provide patients with educational resources, allowing them to learn about their condition and treatment options.

Order specialty *****

iKnowMed EMR is a system that can help you order specialty *****. The software provides a robust e-prescription module to streamline the ordering process. It also includes a patient portal that allows doctors and patients to share information and images.

The iknowmed EMR is design to help physicians make the most of their time by improving clinical workflow and streamlining processes. It is also a powerful tool for value-based care. By integrating with other McKesson products, iknowmed can make the task of delivering value-based treatment a snap.

The iknowmed EMR has a lot to offer health care providers, including a comprehensive oncology portal. In addition, iknowmed is a certified QCDR and is able to meet federal Meaningful Use criteria. It is also capable of qualifying for ARRA funding.

iknowmed is design to help practitioners manage their patients’ needs while maintaining the quality of cancer care. It can be used by practices of all sizes, from small, home-based practices to large multi-specialty clinics.

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