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Most Affordable Universities To Study MBA in Ireland – Pediamate

Are you planning to pursue a Masters in Ireland? One of the main reasons that International Students opt to Study in Ireland is its world-class education. Ireland is world-famous for its beautiful coastal scenery, ancient culture, mountain walk,  and architecture. The standard of education in Ireland is among the world’s best boasting seven top-level universities and a research-oriented curriculum.

Ireland is a safe and peaceful place to live and ranks consistently in the world’s Top 20 countries for its quality of life, peace, and human development index. Another highly attractive reason for international students to choose Ireland is the stay-back visa option. Graduates aspiring to stay in Ireland after they complete their studies to pursue a career can apply for either one or two-year stay-back visas.

Many popular courses for Masters in Ireland such as MS in Computer Science, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, & Data Science rank among the top 10 worldwide. One of the most popular courses for MS in Ireland is MBA. Compared to the costs of studying in the USA, UK, and Australia, an MBA in Ireland for Indian Students costs less. Let’s check out the Most Affordable Universities to Study MBA in Ireland!

Why Study in Ireland?

Study in Ireland

With over thousands of international students from over 161 countries studying in Ireland, the number has been steadily on the rise over the last few years. So, what is attracting International students to this European nation? Let’s find out!

a) Excellent Education System

b) Wide availability of Courses

c) Vast Career Opportunities

d) Post-Study Work Opportunities

e) Affordable cost of tuition

Eligibility Requirements for MBA in Ireland for Indian Students:

  1. Original Bachelor’s degree transcript
  2. English Proficiency Test (IELTS/TOEFL) scorecards
  3. GMAT scorecard (at least 550)
  4. Identity Card (Aadhar/PAN)
  5. A Minimum of 6 months’ Bank Statement Copy
  6. Passport photocopy
  7. Offer Letter from the University
  8. University Fee Receipt paid photocopy
  9. Health Insurance paid proof

Duration of an MBA in Ireland:

MBA in Ireland takes about 1 to 2 years to complete. However, the duration of the program depends on the university and the course. Executive programs are of 1 to 2 years duration.

MBA in Ireland for Indian Students: Tuition Fees:

The Tuition fees for Indian Students range from INR 10 lakhs to INR 31 lakhs per annum approx. Some of the best-reputed colleges such as Trinity Business School, Dublin charge as high as INR 31 lakhs per annum whereas affordable universities such as IBAT College Dublin or Griffith College Dublin charge between INR 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum to Study in Ireland.

Most Affordable Universities to Study MBA in Ireland:

a) Griffith College: Dublin – MBA in International Business:

The MBA in International Business Management program prepares Graduates for the world of International Business. Its course fee is one of the most affordable in Ireland. The Tuition fee is around INR 12 lakhs per annum (approx.) making it one of the most affordable MBAs in Ireland for Indian Students.

This course is available on a full and part-time basis. It prepares graduates by providing a vocational, & academically rigorous educational experience. Students will be given training in the skills and knowledge to specialize in key business industries within International Business. 

b) Dublin Business School: Dublin: MBA:

This MBA program provides academic knowledge, innovative management perspectives, analytical ability, and skills to a diverse group of learners. This MBA program imparts the desired skills needed to manage organizations in an increasingly competitive global corporate and business world. This program helps learners to strengthen their careers in business, and achieve excellence in their chosen profession.

Dublin Business School offers one of the most affordable MBA programs in Ireland. The cost of studying an MBA program is around INR 11 lakhs per annum (approx.). Thus, Indian and International students can easily afford this popular MS in the Ireland program. This program takes care of Personal, academic and professional development.

c) IBAT College Dublin: MBA:

MBA from IBAT College Dublin is an internationally recognized strategic management qualification. The program is spread over two semesters, with each semester containing 12 teaching weeks. It helps graduates to progress into management positions. Also, it enables experienced managers to polish their skills and competencies.

IBAT College Dublin offers one of the most affordable MBA programs in Ireland. It costs approx. INR 9-10 lakhs per annum making it one of the cheapest options in Ireland. The College also provides Internships, networking opportunities, and a career-focused curriculum to help candidates to maximize their professional and personal potential. 

d) University College Cork: Executive MBA:

The Executive MBA program at UCC helps candidates to become organizational managers, innovators, and leaders. This program not only offers a strong understanding of core organizational functions and disciplines but also provides a critical understanding of the foundations and practice of management and leadership. 

University College Cork also comes in the list of Most Affordable Universities to Study MBA in Ireland, accredited by the Association of MBAs. The cost of studying Executive MBA comes to around 11 lakhs INR approx. This program helps you to develop an understanding of all aspects of how complex organizations interconnect.

e) University of Limerick – Kemmy Business School MBA:

The Kemmy Business School (KBS), University of Limerick (UL), is one of Ireland’s leading business schools with a reputation built over 30 years. It provides a first-class business education that prepares graduates to lead a successful and rewarding career in a variety of business professions.

The University of Limerick also provides one of the most affordable MBA programs at a tuition fee of INR 12 lakhs per annum (approx.) to Study in Ireland. This popular Masters in Ireland course enables students to meet with industry leaders in various sectors.

Final Thoughts!

Ireland is one of the top Study Abroad Destinations to pursue MS in Ireland, especially MBA in Ireland. Ireland has the best specializations for MBA in Ireland for Indian Students at its globally ranking universities and institutions. Hope this blog post – Most Affordable Universities to Study MBA in Ireland has provided you with the detailed information. So why wait for it? Get yourself enrolled in one of the best Masters in Ireland. For more information on us and for helpful tips visit our website.

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