Mercury Transit in Taurus - 7th June 2023

Mercury Transit in Taurus – 7th June 2023

Planet Mercury has a prominent role in Vedic Astrology. It represents intellect and communication. Mercury is a messenger and the prince of the planets. It conveys our thoughts to others. Mercury bestows one with intelligence and wealth. It generates positive thoughts in our minds.

Mercury represents intelligence and communication. It rules over the 3rd house and 6th house in Kaal Purush Kundali and is the significator of the 4th and 10th houses. The 4th house signifies happiness, and Mercury is favorable in this position in the horoscope. The 10th house is the house of profession and career, and here, too, Mercury is favorable, as it offers good communicative ability that is essential at work and in business.

If Mercury is positive in your birth chart, you will have good health, wealth, charming speech, writing skills, knowledge, intelligence, wit, etc. You will be a multitasker. Afflicted Mercury will make you clever but moody, indecisive, cunning, and mischievous. You may be a gambler, liar, show-off, prone to cheating and breaking promises.

Mercury is going to change signs on June 7, 2023. It will be transiting in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Mercury’s transit in Taurus can give positive results to people born under many zodiac signs.

The effects of the upcoming Mercury Transit 2023 in Taurus on the 12 zodiac signs are given below.


You may taste great success, especially in finances. Money you had loaned long ago may be returned now. With your charming speech, you may defuse difficult situations. It is a good time for students, especially those appearing for competitive tests. Worries about children may vanish. Some natives will have a child.


Mercury transit 2023 in Taurus can bring more income. Work and business may see progress. Pending work for the central or state government will be completed. Any big work or contract signed now may turn out well. If you apply for a government tender, you may get it. Love life will pick up in intensity. New couples may expect some good news about the arrival of a baby.


This Mercury transit in Taurus may make you run around a lot and ratchet up your expenses. You may travel abroad. If you wish to travel abroad, then this period is favorable. You will have the energy to overcome difficult situations. During this period, be careful in all transactions to avoid any loss. There may be some secret enemies. You may suffer from skin diseases.


This transit will be good for Cancer natives who wish to start some new work or change jobs. You may gain support from older family members and elder brothers. Students appearing for competitive exams may do well. Love life may be good, and some may get married. Your decisions and actions are likely to be appreciated.


For Leos, the Mercury transit will bring progress in work and business as well as an increase in position and prestige. Those who wish to work abroad or apply for citizenship in foreign countries may get good opportunities. There will be good communication with the government. Take care of parents as their health may be affected. Finances may be strong. You may develop more interest in spirituality.

This Mercury transit can be a boon for you. It is favorable for those who wish to apply for any tender in government departments. You may fulfill your responsibility toward your kids. New couples may have a child. Love life may be passionate. Those who are in love may get married now.


You may face many unexpected outcomes during this Mercury transit. Take care of your health. Adverse reactions to drugs and skin diseases may bother you. Your own people can conspire against you. Look out for secret enemies. There may be lots of travel. Expenses may increase. You may be active in matters of religion and will also perform acts of charity. Try to settle disputes outside the court.


This Mercury transit may favor people who do business. Your in-laws may cooperate with you. Work or business may see progress. Avoid doing partnership business. Pending work in the departments of the central or state government may be completed. Beware of secret enemies. Focus on your health as well. Those who were trying to cause problems for you may be willing to help you now.


Mercury transit 2023 in Taurus may not be very good, as it may affect your health. Do not take more loans in this period. Also, don’t lend money to others, as there may be wealth loss. Opportunities to work abroad or settle abroad are possible now. Students appearing in competitive tests may make sincere efforts to ace exams.


This transit is favorable for students, especially those appearing for competitive exams. They may even get good marks without much effort. It may be a good time for lovers. The transit is conducive to love marriages. Social status may rise. Elder family members and older brothers may be cooperative.


The transit will benefit those who wish to buy a house or vehicle. Avoid controversial matters. Try to settle disputes outside court. There may be some good news from old friends and relatives. Take care of your parents, as they may suffer health problems now. When traveling, be careful, as your luggage can be stolen.


This Mercury transit in Taurus will give you a lot of energy. Wherever you go, you may earn the love of others. Your courage will help you to conquer difficult situations. Your interest in religion and spirituality may rise. You are likely to participate in social work and philanthropic acts. You may fulfill your family responsibilities diligently.

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