These 4 Problems can break a Marriage Performed without Kundali Matching

4 Problems Marriage Performed without Kundali Matching

Kundali matching is an essential aspect while arranging marriages. In the Hindu religion, most parents strictly abide by it. In the case of love marriages, the would-be couple does not bother about their horoscope matching. They hurry to marry without any distractions. After months or years, couples who get married without Kundali matching face many problems.

What kind of problems may arise?

A mismatching kundali may lead to the following problems:

  • Disharmony in marital relationship
  • Mangal dosha (Dosha related to Mars)
  • Progeny issues
  • Constant quarrels
  • No growth or improper growth in career
  • Business or financial losses
  • Unhealthy physical relationships

Out of all, four major problems are explained in detail

Nadi Dosha

When the Nadi of both partners belongs to the same Nadi, it indicates they have Nadi dosha. This is not a desirable point from the viewpoint of marriage compatibility. The presence of Nadi dosha may lead a couple to a highly troubled and unfulfilling married life. Unfulfilling physical relationships, the absence of proper understanding between couples, lack of progeny, and frequent clashes may be the notable effects of Nadi dosha.

In Online Astrology, Nadi has three divisions – Aadi, Madhya, and Antya Nadi.

  • Aadi Nadi Dosh

If the couple has this Dosha, they would probably file for divorce and have severe arguments. There are even possibilities of having children–related issues.

  • Madhya Nadi Dosh

If the couple has Madhya Nadi Dosh, they may experience mishaps. Their kid may also rise with health issues.

  • Antya Nadi Dosh

This would lead to the death of a partner in a married life.

Some Yogas are exceptions, wherein Nadi Dosha is said to be nullified in free online Kundali matching for the prospective couple if any of the conditions mentioned below are met:

  • Venus is in a strong position in their kundali
  • Born in the same Nakshatra, the Pada of Nakshatra is different.
  • Have the same Moon Sign with different birth Nakshatras
  • Have the same birth Nakshatra with different Moon Signs.
  • Having the same ascendant and the ascendant Lord is in a good position for both.
  • The Lord of the 5th House, 7th House, *******, and Venus are in good positions.

Mangal dosha

Mangal dosha is a dreadful one out of all kundali doshas. If a native has Mars in his 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th House, the native is called Manglik. The dosha may be heavy or subtle depending on the place of Mars in the said houses and/or the combination of Mars with other planets. Delayed marriage, the death of a spouse, troubled wedding life, and frequent friction among the couples may lead to divorce or separation.

Fertility Related Issues

Every married couple aspires to have a child after their marriage. We believe that childbirth has more impact on couples. Usually, families analyse Kundali matching in an arranged marriage to know the planets’ positive and negative effects between two horoscopes. The same may not mostly be possible in a love marriage. So, after a love marriage, couples may have infertility issues.

Generally, astrologers will see the 5th House for progeny. ******* signifies the 5th lord and childbirth. The placement of the 5th lord ******* in the auspicious houses coupled with the benefic planets results in early progeny. When malefic planets or planets occupy the 5th House, it delays or denies progeny. Even the placement of the 5th lord in barren signs or aspects of barren planets is considered inauspicious.

Dangerous health issues

Health is wealth for everyone. Chronic health issues will negatively impact our lives. If it happens in a family between couples, it will destroy the quality of life. The bad kundali of one partner in a married life negatively influences the other.

Kundali matching helps in ensuring good health for couples. The following factors show bad effects on health and should become a concern

  • When malefic planets occupy the 6th House (disease), 8th (longevity), and 12th House (death) of a native
  • When bad planets occupy Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces signs
  • When bad planets occupy the ascendant
  • When there are sun, moon, and ascendant afflicted in a native’s kundali
  • When *******, the Lord of wisdom and maturity, is weak, it results in poor emotional and mental health.
  • When planet ****** is in the 12th House with a weak Moon, a native may suffer psychological issues.

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