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Know what is Lung Cancer and its symptoms

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that originates from the lungs and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The primary cause of lung cancer is smoking, either through cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or some other form of tobacco. While it is more common for smokers to develop lung cancer as compared to non-smokers, not all cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking or contact with other forms of tobacco. Other risk factors for developing lung cancer include exposure to secondhand smoke, certain types of chemical exposure, and even some forms of radiation.

Symptoms of Lung cancer

The primary symptom of lung cancer is a persistent cough. It is not uncommon for the cough to be accompanied by chest pain and / or shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include a raspy sound while breathing and coughing blood. This is due to fluid buildup around and behind the lungs, or metastasis of the cancer to otherparts of the body.

Other symptoms can include fatigue, headaches, and a general feeling of being unwell. In more advanced cases, hoarseness of speech and anemia may also be present.

Diagnosis of lung cancer typically involves looking for signs and symptoms of the disease, conducting imaging tests such as CT scans and MRIs, and ordering other tests such as bronchoscopies. A biopsy of the affected area may also be taken in order to confirm a diagnosis.

Treatment Of lung cancer

Treatment for lung cancer usually consists of chemotherapy and radiation, although surgery may also be an option for some cases. The type of treatment will depend on the type of lung cancer and the individual’s health and response to the treatment.

For those who are or were previously smokers, it is highly recommended that you practice good habits in order to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. These habits include quitting smoking, avoiding secondhand smoke, and avoiding exposure to other forms of chemical or environmental toxins.


In conclusion, lung cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of people worldwide every year. While smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer, it is important to remember that not all cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you practice good habits in order to reduce your risk of developing this deadly disease. If you do experience any of the symptoms of lung cancer, it is important to receive medical attention immediately in order to get the best chance of survival.

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