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Interior styles: ultimate guides for your elegance

Choosing your interior style is not easy! There are so many options and possibilities that you are probably getting lost. If you need inspiration or advice on adopting a style of interior decoration, you will certainly find what you are looking for here. Each of your rooms is entitled to its own style. All you have to do is draw ideas from our articles.

Focus on the different interior styles

In interior decoration, you find well-defined classic styles. Between modern decor, classic style, rustic style or arty style, everyone has their own values.

In the modern style, you have the choice between opting for a minimalist interior or adopting the industrial style. The industrial style kitchen is one of the big trends of recent years. However, you can choose an industrial loft for a retro and trendy interior. Your other rooms are not excluded, it’s up to you if you want to install an industrial interior in your home.

For a minimalist interior, you can refer to the Bauhaus style. These values ​​bring great inspiration. Design classics are also very interesting to discover. You can even go further by creating a designer staircase.

A little leap in time for your interior style

The fashion for interior styles has the particularity of being present in all eras. If the 60s or 80s seem far away to you, they are nevertheless very present in the interior decoration. In addition to being authentic, these styles have adapted to suit all tastes.

Adopting the retro style has never been easier. It is distinguished by its colors and furniture specific to its values. You don’t necessarily need to opt for antique furniture to integrate the retro style into your interior.

Little known and yet very promising, the Mid-Century style has its effect and gives a modern vintage look to your rooms. Speaking of vintage, the shabby chic trend can also seduce you with its romantic vintage decor.

Adopt a European interior design style

Now let’s see what Europe has to offer us in terms of interior design. Sweden and Denmark are great pioneers in this area. For many years, the Hygge trend, or the Danish art of living, has been able to impose itself successfully. How not to fall for the lines of Danish design?

The Scandinavian style needs no introduction! It is now known to the general public and it is very easy to adopt a Scandinavian decor. Indeed, Scandinavian interiors have multiplied and this, in all rooms. Even the Scandinavian bathroom appeals to the greatest number. Last to come from Sweden, the Lagom interior. He too deserves to be discovered and above all, adopted!

But it’s not just Sweden and Denmark that have been able to create exemplary styles. The chic country style also knows how to invite itself into our interiors to offer us a little corner of nature, even in town. He’s not the only successful one. Whether you live in the countryside or in an urban area, add seaside style to your rooms to breathe fresh air.

Moreover, the Mediterranean style of decoration is also a great classic! For an interior with character, decorative elements from ancient Greece bring a lot of charm, elegance and originality to your room.

Go to the rest of the world

After traveling through time and Europe, now is the time to discover the different styles of home decoration around the world.

A style of decoration from Asia

Asia is much bigger than it looks when it comes to home decor. For a colorful style and for a guaranteed trip, Indian decoration or Balinese decoration know how to satisfy rooms that need warm hues.

For a zen decoration, the Asian decoration will please you for sure! Surely you already know the values ​​of Feng Shui, but don’t forget that Japanese decoration also has a lot to offer you.

To return to Feng Shui, a great Asian art, it is sometimes difficult to identify this practice. This is why we have written some articles for you to help you adopt this art in your interior. First of all, it is necessary to choose the Feng Shui colors well. This guideline then allows you to create a Feng Shui child’s room, a Feng Shui kitchen or even a Feng Shui bathroom. To perfect this ancestral art, opt for special Feng Shui indoor plants.

Make your interior travel in Africa

Off to Africa! This continent is full of interior design styles. Let’s dwell for a moment on North Africa and its oriental style. This style is very specific to itself and to adopt it, you can refer to Moroccan decor. Check for more ideas on!

Do you rather dream of a tropical style? Your interior is likely to be seduced by the African decoration or even the tropical jungle decoration! Your pieces make you travel thanks to these typically African styles.

North America or South America?

Hard to choose, isn’t it? Be aware, however, that these two continents offer very different styles. To prove it to you, we are interested in the Cuban style. Then, we found valuable tips for integrating the American style into your interior. So what do you prefer?

Interior styles for the more adventurous

The interior decoration adapts so well that it even wanted to satisfy the most original and daring styles. If you want to dare to mix styles, know that it is quite possible to combine different interior decorations.

But there is also an eccentric style to install an interior of character that knows how to stand out. Finally, install luxury in your home for an elegant decoration that knows how to mark the spirits.

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