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Innovative Methods of Brain Cancer Treatment in India

A brain tumor is a deadly medical condition, and the thought of dealing with it is terrifying. The symptoms may not manifest in the initial stages, which can make it difficult to identify them.

But when the tumor begins to grow, you will start to experience the symptoms. You will feel the pressure in your skull increasing, leading to nausea and severe headaches.

Due to the advancement in medical science, many treatment options are available for brain cancer, giving patients a fighting chance to combat this deadly affliction.

Let’s look at some of the most ingenious and effective treatment options for brain cancer/ brain tumors.

Types of Treatments Available for Brain Cancer

You will come across several types of treatment options available for brain cancer. These are:

Brain Cancer Surgery

To treat brain cancer, there are some surgical procedures available. These are:

  • Partial Tumor Removal: When the tumor is located in a hard-to-reach or sensitive area of the brain, the surgeons will partially remove the tumor. It is the most popular surgical procedure opted for by many patients. Make sure to speak with your surgeon before you opt for this surgery.
  • Complete Tumor Removal: Under this surgical procedure, the surgeon removes the whole tumor. They also ensure that the brain tissue doesn’t get damaged during the surgery.
  • Endovascular Surgery: This procedure will treat the “ballooning” or “swelling” of the blood vessel. Here, the surgeon will insert an endovascular graft and position it inside the aorta. After that, the graft will expand and seal the aneurysm. It will stop the blood from flowing to the aneurysm. The graft will remain in that area permanently.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is very effective for brain tumor treatment in India. It targets the cancer cells left out during the surgery.

This therapy is helpful for patients who cannot have surgery and when the condition doesn’t respond to medication. During the therapy, radiation beams are used to eliminate the cancer cells.

After the therapy ends, you might feel nauseous or have headaches. Chances of getting irritated, tired, and hair fall can also take place after the therapy session ends.

Targeted Drug Treatment

This treatment targets only the cancer cells without harming the healthy cells. The treatment directly attacks the cancer cells and prevents them from multiplying or growing.

The targeted drug treatment is also combined with other cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy and surgery. Before you opt for this treatment, be sure to speak with the doctor.

It will help you learn more about the treatment, how much time it will take, and what you must do after the treatment ends.


It is another popular treatment for brain cancer. Here, the physician will provide you with anti-cancer drugs. The drugs are administered through the IV line or orally. Chemotherapy is ideal for treating various types of cancers.

However, chemo drugs are more effective when taken intravenously or via cerebrospinal fluid than orally.


A high level of radiation beams is used on the tumor to eliminate it. The radiation beams target the cancer cells without harming the healthy tissue. You will experience mild side effects of this treatment, such as fatigue, nausea, and headaches. The side effects will disappear after several days.

What is the Cost of Brain Cancer Treatment?

In India, the cost of brain cancer treatment, especially surgery, will cost you between INR 3,74,745 to INR 6,70,959. Radiotherapy might cost you between INR 74,494 to INR 2,62,321 for every sitting. The cost varies depending on the location and the medical facility.

Chemotherapy, on the other hand, will cost you between INR 22,365 to INR 89,938 for every sitting. The actual cost for all these treatment options will depend on the state/city you belong to and also on the hospital.

The cost will also depend on the severity, type, and location of the brain cancer. So, you must speak with your doctor to gain more information on the cost so that you are prepared to meet the expenses.

Parting Thoughts

Brain cancer comes in many forms. You might not experience its symptoms in the beginning. But when the tumors start to grow, you will start to experience headaches, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and so on.

But opting for the most effective treatment for brain cancer will help get relief from the condition.

You need to consult specialists who will diagnose the type of brain cancer you have, how severe it is, and which part of the brain it’s located in. They will plan your treatment accordingly.

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