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Infinity Kingdom Review – A New MMO

YooZoo (formerly Youzu) Games created and released the thrilling massively multiplayer online strategy game Infinity Kingdom. You take on the role of a shrewd ruler who must protect Norheim against invading gnomes. You must defend yourself at the same time from other players. In addition, you get to rule over the city.

The narrative begins with the destruction of the northern line of defense by the wicked gnomes, resulting in the destruction of thousands of cities. In order to restore peace in Norheim and fend off attackers, immortal heroes have gathered and are battling under your banner.

Check out our Infinity Kingdom review if you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating game. In this guide, we’ll go deeply into the mechanics of this strategic game.

The Gnomes as Your Formidable Foe

Your primary foes in Infinity Kingdom are the gnomes. They’ve wreaked havoc on Norheim with their steampunk army. The player takes on the role of the city’s ruler, and the gnomes have set up camp just outside the city walls. Things may appear bad, but you may always call on the immortals to help you. 

Infinity Kingdom Pc Gameplay

In mythology, folklore, and history, the immortals are the people who have become legendary. Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Elizabeth Bathory, Genghis Khan, and many more are just some of the eternal heroes you may call upon. These godlike beings will spearhead your army’s assault.

It takes time and effort and a lot of patience to summon an immortal. Only shards can give you access to them, and you’ll need many of them to call forth an immortal. The philosopher’s stone may also be used to beckon them to the Hall of Immortals.

Get Ready for an Infinity Combat

In Infinity Kingdom, the plot centers on battles. After an immortal has been summoned, more shards may be used to give them better abilities. In time, you’ll be able to use rune pieces to raise their level and enhance their skills. Besides that, there are four other pieces of equipment that players may use to outfit their immortals, all of which are upgradable.

Players are drawn to the immortals because they are rendered in a cartoonish 3D manner with interesting motions and humorous voices. The polished and alluring visuals of Infinity Kingdoms are the result of a consistent art style used across the board.

The game’s conflicts may be engaged in one of two ways. Attacking gnomes on the global map or the cities of other players are both manual processes, although the majority of the time they are automated. Once your army marches out, a brief fight animation will play. Following then, the game will reveal the victor. The action zooms down to ground level as players collide in the Well of Time. You see your troops in action as they engage the enemy. Most of the fighting is done automatically, although you may employ the immortals’ abilities by touching on their image.

City Building & Completing Missions

It’s not only about fighting in Infinity Kingdom; there’s also city-building. You may utilize and upgrade a wide variety of structures to aid you on the field of battle. Hospitals are crucial for treating casualties, farms provide food for your citizens, and so forth. Even though everything goes quickly at first, upgrading these structures will take some time. 

Infinity Kingdom Pc Buildings

The longer it takes to complete the improvements, the higher the level of the building. The procedure may be sped up, but only to a certain extent. Because you can only do one improvement at a time, you’ll always be improving your infrastructure. Hence, in Infinity Kingdom, building must continue at any costs.

It’s not enough to just construct; you also need to strive towards something. There are quests to fulfill every day, every week, and every chapter. These might be anything from completing a particular amount of building upgrades to murdering a certain number of gnomes. You could learn from some of them how to raise dragons from eggs. More features become available as your castle’s level increases.

In addition, you may team up with other players by joining a guild. They will also provide you with materials to improve your structures.

Infinite Rewards

Unlimited Loot Loot is the loot you get for completing quests and defeating enemies. In Infinity’s Kingdom, the rewards are plentiful and flexible. There is already a reward for just being online. Accelerators, buffs, resources, experience points, jewels, and more fall into this category. Both the market and the army may benefit from this.

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