Importance of Mixologist-Driven Drinks

Importance of Mixologist-Driven Drinks

It’s often hard to ascertain if something is “here to stay” or just a “trending topic” these days. In fact, there is always the “time will tell” proverb, but who has time nowadays? Now! Why not move to the real topic, mixology? Now everyone knows, making a classic cocktail always has its place in society. It is surprising when one visits restaurants and bars nowadays and finds there’s no beverage program to assist with the culinary menu.

If your establishment offers something beyond just beer and wine and you don’t have a mixologist-driven beverage program, you are not capitalizing on the biggest cash cow you have.

Having said that this blog post is an attempt to provide you with a few solid reasons why you should hire a talented mixologist to manage your Mixology bar Los Angeles.

If It Doesn’t MakeDough It Don’t Make Sense

The restaurant industry was badly hit by the hard economic times over the past few years. And if 5-star dining was your establishment, then for sure you have learned to value the number 3 these days. Guests have cut back substantially. This gives reason as to why a drab beverage program has still remained operational, for some parts of the market.

The economic downturn in recent years has hit the restaurant industry hard, particularly high-end dining establishments that rely heavily on customer spending. Even 5-star restaurants have been forced to adapt to the current climate, with fewer guests willing to spend large sums of money on dining out. As a result, many restaurants have had to cut costs wherever possible, including in their beverage programs. However, a lackluster beverage program can have a negative impact on a restaurant’s overall success.

What owners should realize is that guests will trim their food order to save money for that awesome cocktail experience. A great cocktail can make the experience of the guest feel upscale while offering a handsome profit margin.

The math is plain and simple. A beverage that costs $12 will normally have a 25-40% mark up.No food item can give that kind of margin.

Fresh and Organic Is The Right Approach

The organic, fresh ingredients and the farm-to-table trend have bowled over the industry, and fairly so. Chef leap at the opportunity to provide a truly healthy, sustainable meal for the patrons. Mixologists too are catching up with this trend. This change in the approach adopted by mixologists at upscale mixology bar Los Angels is being raved about everywhere. Fresh fruit and vegetables combined with an already great-tasting spirit truly bring a cocktail together.

Market DemandsCrafted Beverage Program

Let us have a look at the market trends to prove that having a specialty-crafted beverage program will catch your attention. There are a couple of examples, of some famous companies that have set up mixology programs to garnish the standard bartender. Pernod Ricard SA lately launched the BarSmartseducation program, a month-long course to certify bartenders as masters. Moreover, the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild too initiated a master mixologist accreditation program some time back.

The Sum Up

To sum up, if all those well-established and reputed companies are rustling up master mixology programs, it just evidences that the demand is gradually increasing. If you have a sumptuous beverage program, you will start to stand apart from the pack. Hiring, developing, and training an upscale beverage program means that you can charge extra. Which in turn means more moolah for your bottom line.

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