How to Safely Purchase and Maintain a Used Patient Lift

How to Safely Purchase and Maintain Used Patient Lift


Patient lifts are necessary medical equipment that assists patients’ safe and comfortable movement and relocation. These tools are frequently utilized in medical facilities, including hospital emergency rooms. A new patient lift, however, can be pricey, and many healthcare organizations and people do not have the funds to purchase one. Used patient lifts can help with that. This article will discuss the advantages of using patient lifts and offer advice on buying one.

Advantages of buying used patient lifts

  1. Cost-Effective Solution:

The ability to save money is one of the main reasons for buying a used patient lift. A new patient lift might be excessively pricey, specifically for households and small medical centers functioning on a low budget. However, used patient lifts are frequently offered at a discounted rate than new ones. This can simplify it for individuals and healthcare professionals to get the tools they need to give their patients high-quality treatment.

  1. Inspect the lift before buying: 

A used patient lift must be checked thoroughly to ensure it is in efficient working order before buying. The functions of the lift will be examined, and any breakage or wear and tear will be looked for. If applicable, look for any indications of a problem in the engine, lifting function, and hydraulic system. Ensure the lift’s components are flawless and unharmed by rust, corrosion, or other defects. Verify that the sling or seat can properly hold the patient’s weight by looking for any tears, frays, or other signs of wear.

  1. Verify the manufacturer and model: 

Verifying the brand and type of a used patient lift is necessary to ensure it is a trustworthy and secure solution. Patient lifts made by particular manufacturers are known to be of superior quality to those made by other manufacturers. Furthermore, it’s easier to walk away from models that may have had safety concerns in the past. 

  1. Check for safety features: 

The chief concern when purchasing a used patient lift should be reliability. Checking that the lift has all the basic safety components is crucial. The locking mechanism that stops the patient from slipping out of the lift during the transference is an important safety element. Another essential safety element is a button that can instantaneously halt the lift’s motion in an emergency. Verify that these safety protocols are functioning well and adhere to protective standards.

Maintenance and safety tips for used patient lifts:

  1. Regular cleaning and maintenance: 

The lifespan and stability of the patient lift depend on frequent maintenance and cleaning. Patient lifts are exposed to pollution and dust accumulation, which could harm the machinery and impair its functionality. As a result, it’s necessary to frequently sanitize the elevator by wiping down its surfaces with a soft cloth and a light detergent. To ensure smooth running, oil the moving components as well. Look for any evidence of wear and tear or missing components; if required, replace or tighten them.

  1. Proper storage and transportation: 

The patient lift must be stored in sealed properly to prevent damage and extend its lifetime. Taking the lift out or putting it away when not using it as the manufacturer directs. Keep the patient’s life in a cool, dry area from the sun, dampness, and very hot or cold conditions. To eliminate any mobility or breakage during transportation, secure the lift firmly.

  1. Training and certification for users: 

Proper training and certification are essential for all patients to lift users to ensure the safe and efficient use of the equipment. Users must be trained in the proper techniques for transferring patients safely and comfortably. Additionally, users should be aware of the patient lift’s limitations and safety guidelines to prevent accidents or injuries. It is crucial to provide regular training and refreshers to ensure users are up-to-date with the latest safety guidelines and practices.

  1. Adherence to safety guidelines and regulations: 

When installing a patient lift, it is compulsory to implement safety standards and recommendations to protect the lift and the user. Follow all safety guidelines and regulations, including:

  • weight limits, 
  • proper sling or seat usage, and the 
  • proper use of safety features such as locking mechanisms and emergency stop buttons. 
  • Ensure the patient lift meets all required safety standards and regulations before use.

For individuals who regularly need to relocate patients, used patient lifts can be a wise investment. Although they are more economical than buying a brand-new patient lift, there are certain things to consider before investing in a used one.

Before buying the product, give the patient lift a thorough inspection. Examine the lift for damage, wear, and tear, and ensure all its features function as they should. Checking the model is very important to ensure it’s a trustworthy and secure choice. Additionally, look for security measures like emergency stop buttons and locking systems.

To determine the stability and security after purchasing a used patient lift, it is essential to maintain it correctly. Ensure all users are sufficiently trained and competent to use the equipment safely, carry out routine maintenance work, and distribute the lift carefully. To ensure the well-being of the patient and the user, compliance with safety standards and guidelines are essential.

It’s crucial to conduct research before buying a used patient lift and to deal with a reliable vendor. Consider buying from reputable merchants who have a guarantee or return policy. Consider the lift’s age, condition, and cost while comparing it to the expense of buying a new lift.

Buying a used patient lift can be cost-effective for those who need to transfer patients frequently. However, it’s crucial to consider the abovementioned considerations to ensure that the lift is safe and reliable for the patient and the user. With proper care and attention, a used patient lift can provide many years of safe and comfortable transfers for your loved ones or patients.

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