How To Properly Store Your RV To Keep It In Good Condition

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are great for those who love to travel and explore the world. These vehicles provide a high level of comfort just like home while we are on the road. It will let you carry your living space with you wherever you are going. 

However, when the travel season ends, RV owners face the challenge of properly storing their vehicle to ensure it remains in good condition for the next adventure. Proper RV storage is essential to maintain the vehicle’s longevity, performance, and resale value. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips to properly store your RV to protect it from environmental factors and keep it in good condition: 

  • Choose the Right Storage Facility

The first step to properly storing your RV is to choose the right storage facility. You should look for a place which is safe, secure, dry and large enough to properly accommodate your RV. Make sure the selected storage facility offers complete protection to your RV. 

Look for a facility that provides RV-specific storage, with features like temperature-controlled units, covered or indoor storage, and security cameras. By investing in these kinds of RV storage facilities like RV storage Spanish fort, you can ensure that your RV will stay safe and protected from environmental factors.

  • Clean the RV Thoroughly

Before sending your RV to a storage facility, you should clean it properly. While thoroughly cleaning your RV, you should clean the outer, interior, and tanks of the RV. You should get rid of food and perishables and keep your refrigerator doors open to prevent the formation of molds and mildews. Also, leaving your refrigerator doors open is necessary to prevent it from producing a foul smell. In addition to this, you should also remove your electronic devices and other valuable items. 

  • Perform Maintenance Checks

You should also run a security check before sending your RV into a storage unit. By performing the securing check, you can ensure that your RV is in good condition. It is recommended that you check the tire pressure, check the signs of wear and tear. Also, you should check the battery of the RV and ensure that it is fully charged. In addition to this, you should also make sure all the electrical systems are working properly.  

  • Cover the RV

In case you are storing your Recreational vehicle outside, titan storage then you should keep it covered to offer protection from various elements. Make sure you purchase a high-quality RV cover to ensure protection of your RV from harmful UV rays. Also, this cover will provide protection to your RV from snow and rain. You should choose the right cover that fits your RV properly without leaving any part of your RV exposed. 

  • Use RV-Specific Products

To keep your RV safe in a storage unit, you should invest in the products that are specifically designed for your RV. Some of the examples of these products are RV specific cleaners, sealant, and so on. RV-specific products are formulated to protect your RV from the unique challenges of storage, including moisture, UV rays, and pests. When your RV is exposed to harsh environmental factors, then it starts deteriorating. Thus, you should store your RV in a specific RV storage region and also invest in specific RV products.

  • Use Moisture Absorbers

Moisture is a major concern when storing an RV. Accumulated moisture inside the RV can be the major reason for molds and mildews formation, which can cause damage to your RV. Also, they lead to costly repairs. To prevent moisture buildup, use moisture absorbers throughout the RV. These products are designed to absorb excess moisture in the air and prevent it from damaging your RV. 

Otherwise, moisture inside the RV will lead to a foul smell, and the generation of molds and mildews. If you do not want to deal with bad smells and degraded furniture inside the RV due to molds and mildew, then I would recommend you use the moisture absorbers.

  • Maintain Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is important when storing your RV. Make sure to leave vents and windows open to allow for air circulation. This can help prevent moisture buildup and keep your RV smelling fresh. If you’re storing your RV in a covered or indoor storage facility, consider using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air.

  • Visit Your RV Regularly

Even if you’re not planning on using your RV for a while, it’s important to visit it regularly. This allows you to check on the condition of your RV and make sure everything is working properly. Check for any signs of damage or pests and take care of any issues immediately. Starting your RV’s engine periodically can also help prevent mechanical issues.

Wrap Up

Proper RV storage is essential to maintain the longevity and performance of your vehicle. By following these tips, you can ensure your RV is in good condition when it’s time to hit the road again. RV is a big investment and keeping it safe should be your top priority. 

You may not want to see your big investment start deteriorating. Want to go on a road trip again in your RV with your friends and family? Keep your RV safe when it is not in use so that you can take it for another memorable road trip.

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