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How to Layer Your Rugs Like a Design Expert

Do you want to bring a unique flair of textures to your home? Consider layering rugs over a jute base to add texture and charm to your home decor. 

This pairing is a wonderful opportunity to explore various textures and patterns. It may provide visual intrigue and depth to any space. 

If you have 8×10 rugs made of black jute in your living room, layering it with a shag rug in cream or white can improve the aesthetics of the space.

Here are some suggestions for adding texture to your home decor by layering rugs over jute.

Jute Rugs Make the Ideal Foundation Layer    

Jute rugs are the ideal base layer for any décor. They are strong enough to withstand high-traffic areas and have a neutral hue that won’t clash with the rest of your design.

Additionally, they give your home a dash of texture that can make it feel cozier.

A jute rug is a terrific choice if you’re seeking a foundation rug to help you assemble your room.

Is It Possible To Layer A Jute Rug On Top?

If you’re considering putting a jute rug in your house, you may wonder if you can layer it over another rug. Yes is the answer! Jute rugs are the ideal kind of rug to layer, and layering rugs is a terrific way to add texture and interest to your home.

Natural fibers make jute carpets, making them strong and simple to maintain. They are a terrific choice if you want to layer several rugs in your home because they are also reasonably priced. Look for a jute rug the same color as the rug you intend to layer it with when making your selection. This will facilitate the blending of the two rugs.

Which Rugs Go Well With Jute Rugs?

Moroccan Rugs

A Moroccan rug is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a rug to go with your jute rug and want something with a bit more of a bohemian flair. Moroccan rugs often come in wool or cotton and have elaborate designs with vivid colors. They are the ideal approach to give your room a hint of luxury.

Shag Rug

A shag rug may be a fantastic choice if your style is more relaxed and casual. This carpeting can give your space a little texture and intrigue while maintaining a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Vintage Rug

It’s a terrific idea to pair vintage with jute rugs. Although they have a similar casual appearance, they can provide the space with a splash of color and refinement. You can select one that matches your particular taste because they are available in various colors and patterns.

The rug in Off White

They can give your place a touch of beauty without taking over the space. They will maintain the room’s light and airy atmosphere while offering some contrast to the jute.

Additionally, they are neutral enough to match practically any furniture or decoration you have.

Cowhide Rug

Combining a jute rug with a cowhide rug is a common choice. Your area can benefit from this combination of rustic and modern styles. Not to mention that it’s an excellent technique to create a layered appearance.

Which Jute Rug Styles Make a Great Base Rug?

Solids are the way to go if you want to be safe. Jute rugs that have been braided could also work. Jute rugs provide a blank canvas to complement the top layer, thanks to their neutral tone.

Additionally, tasseled jute rugs add a unique style and look fantastic when paired with another tasseled jute rug.

Jute rugs: How to Layer over Them

Bottom Layer Guidelines

  • If the furniture is included, try to keep the front legs of the furniture sitting on the jute rug. If not, interior design professionals might advise keeping all legs perched above the mat.
  • A small area rug can go underneath the coffee table, but it shouldn’t go underneath any other pieces of furniture.
  • Using two carpets with the same pattern is OK.

Top Layer Guidelines 

  • Cowhide rugs are wonderful since they come in a wide range of neutral color choices. 
  • It’s not necessary for the top layer of the rug to always be parallel to the bottom layer.
  • Rug layering with two, three, or large area rugs can create a boho impression.


Employing a jute rug would be a great addition to your home. Because they are mostly solid, they work practically fantastically in high-traffic areas of homes. You can layer them with several rugs like shag, vintage, or cowhide rugs. They will work effectively if you want to add texture to your home. 

The ideal option would be to get an 8×10 rug in white from Rug Gallery and then add a dark jute rug over the top. The Rug Gallery is one of Columbus, Ohio’s top rug retailers. You can find a large range of high-quality rugs at exceptionally low prices!

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