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How to Draw a Portrait with Graphite Pencils?

How to Draw a Portrait with Graphite Pencils?

Drawing a portrait needs perfection. Use of the pencils like graphite pencils also follows some fundamentals. A portrait needs to be followed by a few steps. For many artists, graphite is their preferred art material. It is regarded as the most accessible and sterile medium.

 Almost everyone aspires to have strong artistic abilities. Few people do, but anyone may improve their artistic abilities with the guidance in this essay and little practice. If you are a beginner then you are at the right place. For a perfect result, you should practice. So, here are a few steps to keep in mind while drawing a portrait using graphite pencils.

Step 1: Outline the ratios

The ideal way for dividing before starting the portrait is to make proportions with a firm pencil. You can use the list of brands suggested at the end. Also, for this step, you can use H2 in hardness for this. Use circles and lines to indicate the head’s dimensions.

Step 2: Sketch the mouth, nose, and eyes.

When you start drawing, keep in mind that the shapes are simple. Try not to press hard on the paper. Use triangles, circles, and ellipses to represent the various facial features.

The pencil with an HB hardness rating is the most effective tool for this. You can then remove your instructions. You no longer require them.

Step 3: Add the main details

In this step try symmetrical drawing. Some things should be paid close attention to the details. Look if the brows are more arched or precisely shaped. Are the lips full or somewhat thin?

This will mainly influence the personality of your drawing, pay close attention to these particulars. For this phase, either the HB or the B pencil will work. You’ll produce the first shadows with the higher graphite concentration.

Step 4: Start with the shading

Start shading with a softer pencil if your drawing has acquired character and personality. This will increase the contrast and intensity of your drawing. The best pencils for this are those with a hardness of 4B and 6B. I find this stage of the drawing to be the most enjoyable.

Step 5: Lastly, Erase highlights

If you shaded past the areas of your drawing that are the lightest. Now simply use the eraser to reveal those areas so that the white paper is once more visible. For instance, the lips or the tip of the nose.

It has a unique effect as a result. Using a compass you can add a circle as a finishing touch to your artwork. The figure should have a portion that extends outside of the circle. Your drawing will be flawless after that.

Choosing the Right Graphite Sketching & Drawing Pencil

The majority of painters wouldn’t be without their dependable graphite pencils! The use of a graphite pencil is necessary for quickly recording ideas and putting together compositions, whether you’re a painter or a crafty hobbyist.

It might be challenging to decide where to start because there are so many different ranges, grades, and types of pencils available. To help you choose the best graphite pencil for your drawing and sketching style, Scooboo has a great variety.

Products Needed For Drawing A Portrait

1)Staedtler Graphite Pencils

The Pencil and eraser set No. 12 is simple to remove Lead with a 2 mm HB diameter. Twelve Norica Pastels graphite hexagonal 12 pastel barrel colors in a 12-count bundle of two HB pencils using a rubber tip.

It has an extra-dark Natural Graphite Exam Pencil with Natural Wood Barrel, 10 per box a ruler is contained inside the box. Extra-dark pencils for use at work and school and every pencil has an eraser tip.

Pencils for writing, drawing, and sketching are a 12th-century custom. Super-bonded lead and a unique lead formulation provide a high break resistance.

6 Tradition-High break-resistance using super-bonded lead and unique lead composition accessible in six degrees Wood from sustainably managed, PEFC-certified forests

The three learner HB pencils from Staedtler are perfect for the initial writing assignments.

Jumbo Graphite—also appropriate for graphics

The Pencil Price is Rs.99.00

2) Mont Marte Woodless Graphite Pencils

This bundle of 6 grades of woodless graphite pencils ranges in hardness from gentle. These pencils are essential for sketching and drawing because they are made of premium graphite and have a lacquer coating. You can use them to draw precise lines or you can turn them to the side to add shading and big strokes.

There are six grades of graphite: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, and EE (which is composed of 50% graphite and 50% charcoal). It is ideal for making broad or fine strokes, shading, and sketches. Lacquer-coated for use without the mess and superior graphite. Use a normal sharpener, sandpaper block, or blade to make anything sharp.

The Pencil Price is Rs 700.00

3) Lyra Rembrandt Graphite Set

a sharpener, an eraser, two pastels, and seven different pencils

4 graphite pencils, 4B, B, HB, and F

3 Aquarell pencils (8B, 4B, and HB).

Two Pastel prints in 4B and 6B

 The Pencil Price is Rs 1200.00

4) Scholar Noire Sketchbook

This black beauty of a sketchbook! It is incredibly adaptable because of the wire and elastic binding combination. Color pencils, crayons, pastels, markers, fountain pens, charcoal, and light acrylics are appropriate mediums.

Cartridge for Natural Shades Paper Acid-Free Wire Bound Elastic Band with closure Perforated Hard Case Cover. It consists of 64 sheets, Size: A4, Landscape orientation, and GSM: 130 Dimensions (in cm): 21 x 29.7.

The sketchbook price is Rs 225.00

5) Anupam Oxford Wire-O Sketch Book 130 GSM

With paper Size A4- 128 Pages,130GSM Acid-Free, and perforated Plain Paper for Charcoal & Pencils.

The sketchbook price is Rs 225.00

Regardless of where you live, Scooboo strives to provide the best shipping service. Every day, it delivers goods to hundreds of consumers while making sure to always give you the greatest levels of responsiveness. You can avail a 10% discount on your first order at your doorstep.

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