How Old Is Kratos

Greek mythology is full of amazing stories and characters, many of which are often represented in modern media. Some time back, a popular game series with Greek influences came out -the God of War video game franchise.

One character that is prominently featured in this game is Kratos, who is known by several aliases as the main protagonist.

Unlike other Greek myths, Kratos has not always been an attractive and physically powerful hero – he’s actually a cursed mortal who was cursed to become a Ghost of Sparta after killing his own family for betraying him. This article discusses how old Kratos might be, where most people assume he’s around 100-150 years old or older.

Who is Kratos?

Kratos is a character from the video games “God of War” and “God of War II.” He was created by game director Cory Barlog and design director Jason Rubin. Kratos is a Greek God, the son of Zeus and his first wife, Metis.

Zeus had a passionate affair with his sister, Hera, which led to the birth of Kratos. Hera did not want her son to be exposed to their father’s destructive ways so she placed him in an abandoned temple on Mount Olympus where he was raised by an eagle.

When he was 18, Zeus called upon him to aide him in defeating the Titans. As punishment for aiding Zeus, Hera sent Kratos into exile on the island of Sikandra where he would battle wild beasts for years until he met up with Hercules.

The two formed an alliance and eventually defeated Zeus. Kratos then took over as ruler of Olympia and married Lysandra. However, due to his dark past, the people of Olympia shunned him.

Kratos decided to venture forth into the world in search of new challenges and embarked on a series of brutal wars against anyone who got in his way. In “God of War III,” Kratos returns to Olympus seeking revenge

Is Kratos a God?

Kratos may be one of the most recognizable video game characters of all time, but his origins are a mystery. Is he a god? Or is he simply an anger-filled man with a past that haunts him?

What Other Functions Does He Have?

Kratos has a number of other functions in the game. He can jump, use his Blades to cut through enemies, and he can also use his Fury to deal damage to enemies.

Where did the Franchise Take Place?

The God of War series is set in a mythological world of gods and monsters. The first game, released in 1999, is set in Greece during the time of the Peloponnesian War.

The sequels take place in slightly different parts of the world but always feature Kratos as the protagonist.

How Old is Kratos?

Kratos is around 38 years old in the game “God of War” and appears to be in his mid-40s in the comics.

What are some of the Skills of Kratos?

Kratos is known for his powerful melee attacks and his rage-filled demeanour. In the God of War series, he gains new skills as he progresses through the game, such as improved strength and agility, and the ability to use magic. Some of these skills are:

  • Improved Strength: Kratos can lift heavier objects and deal more damage with physical attacks
  • Improved Agility: Kratos can dodge faster and leap higher
  • Improved Magic: Kratos can cast spells that deal damage or help him in battle
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