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How long does a stick and poke tattoo last


Stick and poke tattoos are a relatively new tattooing technique that is gaining popularity. The result of this technique is a tattoo that appears to have been drawn on the skin using a stick and ink which has been applied directly to the skin. Stick and poke tattoos can be done professionally at home, but they do not last as long as standard tattoos that are done in an operating room.

How long do sticks and pokes last?

The lifespan of stick ‘n’ poke tattoos is dependent on the artist and how long they take to complete. Stick ‘n’ pokes can last up to two weeks, but in general, stick ‘n’ pokes last longer than traditional tattoos. They’re not as permanent as traditional tattoos either; if you want your new ink to last forever, consider going with a full sleeve instead!

Stick and poke tattoo prices

Prices depend on the size of your tattoo, as well as who you choose to do it. For example, if you have a small stick-and-poke tattoo done by an artist who charges per hour (rather than a flat rate), then the price will be higher than if it were done in black ink by another artist at another shop.

The average cost for a stick-and-poke tattoo varies from $100 – $500 depending on its size and complexity—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some less expensive options out there! Some artists offer discounts for cash payments or referrals—so if someone is willing to refer their friends or family members to get their own tattoos done here at this shop, then those referrals could save them money too!

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Are stick ‘n’ pokes safe to do at home?

Sticking and poking tattoos are safe to do at home. They’re not technically permanent, but that doesn’t mean you should take any risks with them.

When it comes to stick-and-poke tattoos, the safest bet is still the one you make in person at the tattoo shop or studio—but if you decide not to go that route after all and want something more DIY than traditional tattooing, don’t worry: You can still get some seriously awesome results! Here’s how:

  • It’ll cost less than $50-$60 per hour (if done right). If someone else did this job instead of me? I’d probably charge around $80 an hour because my skills are great but theirs aren’t necessarily so much better than mine either; however, since this was just me doing it myself by myself over several days… well…


If you’re thinking about getting a stick ‘n’ poke tattoo, it’s important to know how long they will last and how much they will cost. Stick ‘n’ pokes can be done at home or in a professional studio. If you choose to do your own work, make sure that you are well-versed in all steps involved in the procedure before starting any project so that there aren’t any surprises along the way!

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