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How kids hoverboards safe is it for a child?

The most pressing question is, “How would a child break his neck on this hoverboard.” We will not convince you that this is a safe mode of transport, but we will talk about the precautions that manufacturers have put in this device.

  • A few words about speed

Speed ​​is always a danger. The maximum speed of 25 km / h is a lot, but you need to understand that this is an indicator taken under ideal conditions: a flat mirror road without a slope, no wind, warm weather, and the weight of the “rider” is from 55 to 65 kg. The maximum speed will be lower, about 15-20 km / h. This is only 3-4 times faster than walking. On a bicycle, you can accelerate to 40 km / h, especially from a hill, but a kids hoverboard will not go faster from a mountain – electric motors that spin at a certain speed will not allow it.

We also recommend getting active safety items: a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. They are not only valid for a kids hoverboard.

  • Self-balance

This topic has already been covered above. The self-balance function allows you to avoid injuries as much as possible when the child gets on the hoverboard before riding. It also helps to align the device on the go.

How to ride a kids hoverboard

Nothing complicated. All controls are intuitive. Any child needs 10 minutes to get use to it. For adults, it takes much longer because they are afraid of falling. In children, this fear is absent, and the vestibular apparatus is more flexible, allowing them to instantly catch their balance.

  • Get on the kids hoverboard.

At first, you can stick to a wall or other stable surface. We put our feet alternately on the platform. The kids hoverboard is relatively stable, and if it has a self-balance function, then it will maintain a horizontal position itself, even when you are standing on it.

  • Forward-backward movement and turns

For each foot, there is a platform called a “pedal.” When lightly pressed forward, the corresponding wheel moves forward. It would help if you shifted the center of gravity to ride, leaning the body slightly forward. The weight, respectively, is transferre onward and press on the pedals – the hoverboard starts to swing. To turn around, you need to press one pedal forward and the second back – so the hoverboard will turn around its axis.

  • Climbing and overcoming obstacles

The Kids Hoverboard can ride not only on flat surfaces, but also on country roads, for example, in a country house, on uneven yards. The uphill slope is 15 degrees.

You can storm the slides more abruptly, but there is a risk of imbalance, which means there is a risk of losing balance and falling.

  • Road surfaces

The hoverboard can ride on asphalt, on the ground, on grass, and even on loose snow. Small bumps are almost not felt because the wheels are rubber and inflate with air, like on a bicycle (on cheap models, there are plastic wheels; we do not recommend buying them).

How to store a battery

Almost all storage rules apply to the battery because. It’s the first thing to fail. For the battery to serve for a long time, it is necessary:

  • the first five charges to fully charge and completely discharge the battery so that it “swings”;
  • If you do not plan to use the hoverboard for several weeks, be sure to charge the battery to 70–80% and store it in this condition;
  • We recommend using the hoverboard at least once every 20 days and discharging the battery to at least 20-30% (remember to charge it back after that). You can ride it around the apartment or even on the street in the snow, but not in a strong minus.

Store the scooter in a warm, dry place. For example, it is better not to send it to an unheated balcony for the winter. Put it in a closet or under the bed.

Other interesting questions about kids hoverboards

  • How much does a kids hoverboard weigh?

The weight of the kids hoverboard is 13 kg, and the smaller models are 11.5 kg. In other words, a scooter weighs more than a bicycle. Inside there is a metal frame, a battery, and a lot of electronics. Usually, parents take the hoverboard to the street for children like bicycles.

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