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HIV treatment, causes and prevention

Let it be a danger mark, a dead-end – HIV

Always stay away, take precautions  

HIV treatment comprises: 

Treatment of the body and its battered immunity: immunity gone for a toss in HIV attacking the body.  

Treatment of low immunity levels: showing effect in the forms of: 

A person falling ill quite often 

Fall in energy levels 

Deteriorating health  

Putting the body at risk also its organs: low immunity levels make the body vulnerable to different infections and diseases.  

HIV affects blood in the body: Blood serves as immunity in the body and keeps at bay different kinds of threats.   

HIV has an effect on the blood in the body. The virus shows the impact on disease-fighting power, the ability of the blood plus hampers in its supply of oxygen to different organs in the body required for their functioning.     

HIV treatment includes treating red blood cells in the body: red blood cells associated with blood or the production of new blood in the body.  

When we talk about red blood cells bone marrow comes into the picture and its functioning.  

Bone marrow getting affected in the body a sign in this regard is pain experienced in bones.   

Arthritis is a pain in bones and joints in other words can we call it HIV of the bone structure in the body?  

HIV is one but its effect on the body is multifarious we have discussed here above.  

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? 

The difference between HIV and AIDS is a very thin line we can say. Once affected by HIV it may not take much time for the condition to get converted into AIDS if proper precautions are not followed. A person with HIV can live longer by taking safety measures. 

What are the causes of HIV and what safety measures are required for AIDS? 

First and foremost, an important cause of HIV is practicing unsafe ***. *** without the use of contraceptives and in case the other person carries HIV, the virus gets into the other body easily. 

HIV infection in the course of blood donation, blood transfusion. It is advised to be extra cautious to check on blood, and its credentials in the course of buying blood from blood banks or someone volunteering for it. A person may require blood in the condition of having met with an accident or undergoing an operation. 

People the consume of red meat have higher chances of suffering from HIV compared to someone having a vegetarian lifestyle. A vegetarian lifestyle is the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. 

Safety measures for the prevention of AIDS comprise: 

An HIV-affected person should avoid unsafe ***. Not only can it put in danger the other person but the main subject as well. 

A person suffering from HIV should not volunteer for blood donation. Any blood getting into one’s bloodstream can only get HIV-affected. 

An HIV person has to be cautious about one’s diet. Diet should compromise more of vegetables, fruits in it and less or should say no amount of red meat in it. In addition to desisting from habits of smoking, drinking, and tobacco consumption. 

Is HIV a deadly disease? 

HIV can prove deadly in the course of its moving towards AIDS from where there may not be any going back. All is well, all can be kept well till the time it has not got converted into AIDS, the HIV virus. AIDS as an indication can only indicate the virus has grown out of control. A stage where its affecting different organs of the body, and parts can’t be controlled. HIV can be controlled on time or else it can only become deadly in the form of AIDS. 

Tenofovir 300 mg, Tenofovir tablet

Tenofovir 300mg is for people suffering from HIV. Tenofovir tablets work in the direction of strengthening immunity in the body for preventing the spread of the virus. 

Tenofovir 300mg tablet has side effects in the body comprising: 



Loss of weight 




Blood in the urine 

Irregular heartbeat 

Abnormal dreaming pattern  



Loss of strength 


Sore throat 

Unusual weakness 

Blurred vision 



Redness of the skin 

Abdominal pain 


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