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Here Are The Six Key Highlights Of The Oriental Rugs Dallas

Oriental Rugs are high on detail, and these are impressive and attractive pieces that add to the décor of your home. These floor cloths are hand-knotted and embedded with the roots of cultural traditions and heritage. The Oriental Rugs are unique in their design and weaving. Thus, these rugs are more desirable and popular among people than any other type. They are available in various types, colours, sizes, and materials and add life to the space. However, the Oriental Rugs Dallas are delicate and elegant pieces and, thus, require the proper maintenance. Also, various factors need to be understood in choosing the right Oriental Rug. So, let us count the six critical highlights of these unique, premium and creative floor cloths.

  • Hand-Knotted:

    It is highly significant to determine the difference between hand-woven and machine-made Oriental Rugs. The latter one is crafted to mimic the standard oriental pattern. Several distinguishing factors help in understanding the difference. The first one is the pattern. The genuine Oriental Rugs may not be symmetrical as these are hand-made. And it adds to the overall persona of these rugs. And secondly, these rugs take months to make as the patterns are unique and knotted. It is best if for the cleaning of these distinctive and superior rugs, one may avail of the services like Turkish Rugs Cleaning

  • Material:

    Usually, Oriental Rugs are hand woven in wool over the cotton base. However, modern rugs can be found woven in cotton only. Certain special rugs are manufactured and woven using silk. These silk floorcloths are known as Silk Rugs. These floor cloths manufactured using delicate material require regular maintenance and cleaning. One should preferably go for Oriental Rug Cleaning in Dallas, Tx services for cleaning these Silk Rugs. 

  • Distinctiveness:

    The Oriental Rugs are distinctive and unique as they are handcrafted. And, no hand weaver can weave the rug identically to others. Generally, rug makers make their unique designs difficult to copy. If any rug is presented with the same design in different and multiple sizes, it is likely made using a machine. One may also judge the authenticity of the rugs. Also, there are some Oriental Rugs that are thinner than others. These rugs are recognized as the Kilim Rugs.

  • Colors and Shades:

    The Oriental Rugs Dallas are characterized by deep and vibrant colours such as red and blue. However, natural wooden shades are sometimes also available, like cream, brown, and beige. The colours used in Oriental Rugs are made using natural extracts and materials such as plant extracts. These kinds of dyes do not bleed into each other. The non-genuine rugs are not available with this trait, and their dye also vanishes within a shorter period.

  • Motifs:

    Other than the features mentioned earlier, the Motifs are another factor in determining the Oriental Rugs. Many floor cloths have flowers on them, while some have lines. Some Oriental Rugs also come with stylized and tribal abstract designs and patterns.

  • Durability:

    As compared to other floor cloths, Oriental Rugs are highly durable, and they last for generations. It is because of the unique weaving and the material used to weave them. The way they are knotted also makes them durable. The dyes are also made up of natural extracts. And, with the proper care, maintenance, and availing of the services like Oriental Rug Cleaning in Dallas, Tx, these superior floor cloths can be kept for longer periods.


The Oriental Rugs are highly valuable and work as an asset for the home. These rugs are unique and distinctive, with the critical highlights mentioned above. While buying these unique and creative art pieces, it is good to recognize between the authentic and non-authentic ones. Also, these rugs should be carefully maintained and taken care of after receiving services from experts and professionals. Sam’s oriental rugs have been offering cleaning and Rug Repair in Dallas Texas services, to keep your rugs in premium and quality condition. Some rugs can be maintained with DIY processes. But for carpet cleaning and repair, you may connect with them and avail of their premium services. 

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