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Healthy Eating Plate | The Nutrition Source

Eating healthy is a popular adage in today’s modern world, but what does that mean exactly? Thanks to the Healthy Eating Plate from The Nutrition Source, individuals now have access to a comprehensive guide to inform them on what a balanced diet should encompass.

Healthy Eating Plate

The Healthy Eating Plate provides a visual representation of necessary food items required for a wholesome meal. It divides a plate into four sections and gives tips on how to fill them up with the right foods. The first section is devoted to fruits and vegetables, and encourages individuals to opt for as much variety of these as possible. The second section is for whole grains, and here the plate recommends that grains should make up half of the plate’s contents. Next is lean proteins like fish, poultry and beans, which should round out a quarter of the plate. Lastly, healthy fats such as those found in avocados, fatty fish, nuts and seeds make up the final section. The Healthy Eating Plate also includes practical information on what types of drinks and cooking methods are healthiest. In addition, The Nutrition Source has produced a comprehensive list of food selections to provide further guidance.


This type of ‘plate-based’ model is helpful as it illustrates how food items should be apportioned within a meal. It gives users a tangible concept of what kind of macro and micronutrients should constitute a healthy meal. It also gives users the space to be creative and experiment with different types of meals, so long as the portions of the food groups are respected. Furthermore, this model is beneficial as it eliminates the guesswork previously needed when preparing a meal. Individuals no longer have to rely on trial and error as the Healthy Eating Plate consolidates the necessary information all in one place.


Overall, The Nutrition Source’s Healthy Eating Plate is a valuable resource for individuals wanting to eat healthier. It breaks down the components of a balanced meal in an easy to understand and follow format that helps individuals make healthier food choices. It provides education on how to read food labels and helps people feel more empowered and able to make healthier decisions without feeling over-burdened. In conclusion, The Healthy Eating Plate is a great guide for anyone who is looking to make a positive shift towards healthier eating and living.

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