Give a Best Smartwatches Online to Your Loved One

Give a Best Smartwatches Online to Your Loved One

The technology that you can see in SmartWatches today has improved since the first-generation devices hit the market. Unlike the older models, the smartwatches for women today are speaker, prettier, and offer advanced functionalities. The designs are so good that they are nearly indistinguishable from analog watch models – Battery life has improved tremendously, and you even have the option of adding more apps for your convenience. 

Such features add to the value of the smart watches for women you buy as you can customize them to your needs. Critics have a hard time choosing popular models for these reasons only. If you are looking for some of the best smartwatches with futuristic designs and innovative features, then you are in the right place. Here are some of our brand recommendations to buy in 2023 at the Bajaj Mall store. 

Apple Watch Series 8

If you are looking for a smartwatch for men that can give you full value for your money, then the Apple Watch Series 8 is your first consideration. This collection of watches is one of the most advanced smart wearables in the market and features many upgrades compared to its predecessor. Those features include crash detection and temperature sensors, blood oxygen level, and heart rate monitor.

Samsung Galaxy range of smartwatches

The next office choice would be the Galaxy Watch series from Samsung. One of the Galaxy Watch series’ biggest advantages is its affordability compared with the Apple Watch. But even with lower rates, you still get quite a lot of value from the watch. One of the best things about the watches is their long battery life, countless number of apps, and customizes how you use the watch by choosing any of the 39 types of activities from it.

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches offer even more in terms of Design and style – two factors that have changed significantly over the years since we saw the first Galaxy Watch. You can even change the watch’s face and arm bands as well. 

The Galaxy Watch Is a seamless way to track your fitness routines and easily review your health at the end of the day. On the more recent models, Samsung has even updated the charging dock facility so that you can power the watch easily. 

Mi Smart Band 4

The Mi Smart Band is more affordable than the Samsung and Apple smartwatches combined. Along with a reduced price point, some of their best watches feature nice things like an AMOLED touch display that shows you all your texts, notifications, and calls. 

Customers can also choose a swim activity tracker as the watches are water resistant up to 50 meters. You also have the option of tracking all of your health activities throughout your day. Or save and play all of the music of your choice on the go whenever you feel like it. In a lot of respects, it is like a mini smartphone.

Honor band 5

An owner band is a convenient option when it comes to smart wearables. These watches are equipped with advanced sleeping monitors. The SpO2 is a monitoring facility exclusive to the Honor Band. This particular facility lets you track your blood oxygen levels. Unlike other branded smartwatches for men, the battery life lasts at least 14 full days. Users can also choose from 10 fitness modes to customize their exercise routines and benefit from using the watch. The watch even comes with a way to control your music and audio output volume whenever required.    


These smartwatches even feature Alexa Built-In, so you can use voice control to operate your watch. They even feature LCD screens with multiple watch faces to choose from. The watch features health benefits like a stress Monitor, SpO2 monitoring, heart monitors, and the like. It even has over 14 sports modes to choose from, which are reserved for health enthusiasts. The 50-meter water resistance feature means that you don’t have to worry about water, sweat, or rain ruining the watch. On average, the watches feature a five-day battery backup.    


Amazfit offers affordability across all of their smartwatches for men models. Reduced prices do not mean that you are compromising on quality. Some of the best budget models have all the features you can ask for GPS tracker, SpO2 monitor, electronic compasses, Alexa Built-In voice controls, and tracking with over 60 sports modes. 

In these sports modes, you have further customizations in the form of swimming, cycling, jogging, running, walking, and exercise rep counter. You can even install the Amazfit proprietary Fitness Trackers, 5ATM, that improve your sleep records, heart rate, and health.        

Realme S

The Smartwatch S from this brand is another model to look out for. It has a unique look with the 1.3-inch round dial made with TFT-LCD technology. The 15-day battery life means you can wear the watches and go about your day without charging around a charger. And, of course, like all other smartwatches, you can enjoy features like heart rate monitoring, SpO2, and IP68 water resistance.

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