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FRP vs Ductile Iron Manhole Covers: Which One To Choose?

The choice of a manhole cover should be done carefully so as to ensure safety in the space where they are installed. Manhole covers are removable lids that are a common sight in the ground.

They are used in roads, school grounds, airport facilities and many more spaces. There are many types of manhole covers available that are distinguished as per the different types, sizes, weight classes and other factors.

In this blog, we compare the two materials of manhole covers – FRP and ductile iron. Continue reading till the end to find one which is the right choice.

Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

Manhole covers made from ductile iron material are known for offering extremely robust resistance and durability. The molecular structure of ductile iron (DI) material provides additional strength and shock load resistance inside the structure of carbon steel.

In modern-day road infrastructure projects, installation of heavy duty manhole covers are extremely crucial as they are required to carry the load of fast and heavy moving traffic while ensuring to keep the road in service. 

The manufacturing of DI material involves inclusion of essential mineral additives before the metal casting process. This unique production process gives DI made manhole covers the strength to resist heavy-duty impact and load along with durability.

Some of the features of Ductile Iron Manhole Covers are –

  • Increased Strength: The tensile strength of ductile iron material is over 420 Mpa and its yield strength is over 320 Mpa. This means that it has similar strength to that of a low carbon steel and three times more strength than gray iron. It is the reason why conventional gray iron manhole covers are being replaced by ductile iron manhole covers.
  • Enhanced Toughness: The impact value of ductile iron is similar to carbon steel and it is ten times more than gray iron. Therefore, making them a robust choice of material for manhole covers.
  • Anti-Corrosion: Although manhole cover d.i is not completely resistant to corrosion, they do have impressive anti-corrosive capabilities compared to other material such as gray iron or steel.

Ductile iron manhole covers are commonly installed in applications such as roads, airports, docks and pedestrian walkways as they need great agility and longer lifetime to overcome the load of heavy vehicles.

FRP Manhole Covers

FRP made manhole covers are a great alternative option for manhole covers that are made from traditional materials. The FRP material is a result of the modern-day technologies and the manhole covers made from it are loaded with several value-adding characteristics.

F.R.P. manhole covers are known for its lightweight construct which makes them easy for handling and installation. They are capable of withstanding heavy loads of traffic and most importantly can resist corrosion.

Their main application areas are roads, commercial areas, residential facilities, inspection chambers of sewerage and more. Over the years, the demand for FRP manhole covers have gone up as they offer better service than other available materials for manhole covers.

Ductile Iron vs FRP Manhole Covers

There are tons of differences between the two materials. The choice of manhole covers really depends on the project objectives that you want to accomplish. However, some of the obvious factors that sets the two apart are –

FRP manhole covers do not have any scrap value unlike ductile iron manhole covers that have substantial scrap value. The lack of any scrap value makes FRP manhole covers less likely to get stolen.

Also FRP manhole covers are entirely corrosion resistant and waterproof. This makes them a preferable choice for sewer manhole covers where the abrasive media flow can impact the quality of manhole covers. 

Although ductile iron manhole covers do have anti-corrosive properties, it is not entirely resistant to corrosion which means they might corrode over time. If you are searching for sewer manhole cover in Dubai then be sure to go for FRP made manhole covers.

Another factor that makes the two materials distinguished from one another is their overall construct. Ductile iron is heavy in comparison to FRP. Therefore, manhole covers made from FRP material are much easier to handle and work with than the ductile iron covers.


Ductile iron manhole covers are noted to be the best option from the range of conventional metal material manhole covers. However, when compared with FRP manhole covers, di manhole cover falls short in terms of their characteristics and benefits.

If you are in need of any of these material manhole covers, be sure to choose an expert manhole covers supplier that can offer you plenty of choice.

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