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Five Things To Consider For Homes For Sale With Pools

Are you looking through houses available for sale in search of the ideal home? The prospect of purchasing a pool-side property is an exciting experience; however, there are a lot of concerns with the idea.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when purchasing house for sale in gambia bijilo.

1. Maintenance Costs

Find out from the seller the costs of monthly maintenance and upkeep to maintain the pool. Professional service providers can charge less than 100 cents per month.

The purpose of this service is washing the pool and keeping the balance of chemicals within the water. However, the cost may depend on the size and the quality of the pool as well as its space.

Additionally, there are other costs involved in keeping the pool in good condition. This includes:

  1. Cost of water
  2. Costs of heating the pool
  3.  Fencing costs
  4. Resurfacing costs about every 10 years
  5. Cost of replacement for water-filtration equipment
  6. Repair costs for the heater and pump
  7. Liability insurance

According to insurance companies the pool owner has to obtain a minimum liability coverage that is $1,000,000.

2. Expert Home Inspector

When looking at homes for sale that have a pool It is recommended to hire an inspector who has experience with checking pools.

There may be structural issues that can be discovered only by a specialist and need to be addressed with the help of the buyer.

The inspection may include looking at the following aspects:

  1. Pool
  2. Heater
  3.  Pumps
  4. Railing
  5. Liner

Additionally, it is important to check for cracks and leaks, to ensure added security, pools must include an interrupter device for ground fault.

It is a good way to prevent electrocution. Actually, these devices are suggest to be connect to all electrical equipment that is use in the swimming pool. Remember that older homes typically do not have these safety features.

3. Type Of Pool

It is also crucial to know the kind of pool that is included in Gambia houses for to be sold. It can be fiberglass pool in-ground granite, a vinyl pool. The life span and maintenance of each differs according to. Most durable and durable option is the in-ground granite.

4. Repair And Maintenance

If you’re looking to take on the pool maintenance task yourself, you must think about the expense in the purchase of chemicals.

Employing a professional service for your pool will require you to be aware of the closing and opening dates for the swimming pool. Making it your own could take many hours that is not an option when you’re working.

5. Pool Cover

It is also important to think about the kind of cover that is use in homes that are for to be. The most popular options are solar, vinyl, and semi-automatic covers.

There are advantages and disadvantages for each kind of cover. So, buying a home with pools is a challenging task that requires a lot of analysis.

Be sure to take into consideration all of the factors mentioned above before making the purchase. If you’re thinking of exploring gambia real estate for sale, it’d be beneficial to know all the information you need prior to making a decision.

Waterfront Property To Be Sold – What To Consider

Based on the location you reside in the waterfront properties is expensive. Before you begin looking into the possibility of buying this kind of property, there are a few things to be aware of.

Water Activities You Enjoy

If you are considering waterfront properties available for sale, this is a major aspect to consider when choosing the best property. It is important to ensure that the property you choose to purchase will make it simpler to indulge in the water sports you love as well as to try new ones.


If you or someone in your family loves fishing, it is best to consider properties with an easy access to the water.

If you’re looking for a large selection of fish to catch make sure you choose properties with deep water bodies. It is important to be sure that you are able to fish all the lake, or the lake is only permit to fish within the boundaries of your property. In a river generally, there are no limits.

The size of your boat is the most important aspect in finding the perfect waterfront property for sale. There are some waterfront properties you can’t take a boat of a significant size into due to their shallow waters.

It might not be possible to take a boat into the water due to tides. Also, determine if there’s the possibility of a dock for your boat or if you need to construct one.

  • Kayaking or canoeing-on a waterfront property where the water is busy or river that has plenty of boats and if you like canoeing or kayaking, you may want to look at properties where the water is calm and there’s has little boat traffic. You don’t want to be located on a river or lake with ski boats, jet skis, skiers, speedboats, and the like.

Find Out What You Need

This is crucial because the waterfront property that is available to be do not include an actual home, but rather a cabin or camp that can be use for fall and summer getaways , but not for permanent residence.

A lot of the time, these cabins or summer homes aren’t equip with central heating, the proper insulation, or have an water source that is suitable that can be use year-round. If you have medical requirements that require attention, ensure that the property that is available is close to the hospital.

If you’re planning to come to your home on the weekends following working for the week, it is possible to search for an apartment near the airport. Do you wish to have your home to be situate in a location near a river, lake or ocean? The location of your property can affect the price.

If you are looking at waterfront properties to buy, choose an agent who has experience selling this kind of property. To help you make your decision easier keep a record of the advantages and disadvantages of each property, and decide.

How To Make The Most Effective Use Of A Listing Of Homes For Sale

Foreclosed homes that are included on a list of Gambia house prices to sell can range from the hundreds of thousands, therefore it’s not reasonable for buyers to take a look at every one of these homes or even think about the majority of them.

There’s an effective method homebuyers can employ to narrow their options and make buying quicker and easier.

Set Personal Limits

Before looking through a foreclosure listing buyers must be aware of what he’s willing to pay. It is essential to stay within the limit, or else it would make it impossible to opt to purchase a foreclosure property.

The presence of a fixed price will limit his options as he can just look at homes that fit within his budget.

The location of the property is an essential step. The state or city in which the buyer intends to purchase a property should be determine prior making a list.

Saving Time

After these criteria have been satisfactory, a buyer may select the properties that match these requirements from the available cheap houses for sale in Gambia to be sold.

There should be at least one property in mind as the odds are not in his favor it will be successful in his attempt to purchase the first property that sparked his attention.

In terms of the ocular inspection, buyers shouldn’t be able to inspect more than five houses within a single day. A greater number of inspections in one day could cause him to be less attentive to the details that can have a significant impact in the purchase.

To ensure that the buyer gets an excellent deal and is getting the best price, he must also employ an agent in real estate and request that the agent create a comparative market analysis report which will reveal how the properties that selected from the available houses for sale compare against comparable properties in the market.

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