Everything you need to know about serviced apartments

Everything you need to know about serviced apartments

One of the many ways to save a quick buck when travelling is by staying in affordable accommodations. This is one of the things most people overlook when travelling because they depend on accommodations to “fulfil” most of their experience when travelling.

But the thing is, accommodations should be your “home” when travelling, not your destination. Because most people who book luxury hotels almost always spend so much when they could be spending it on other things like tours, souvenirs, food and so much more!

Although affordable doesn’t mean skimping on quality! There are various accommodations that are affordable and also cozy, and clean with a great ambience such as serviced apartments! To know more about this type of accommodation, keep reading!

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments you can rent out. You can rent these out for short or long stays, kind of like hotels. But the thing about serviced apartments is, the longer you stay with them, the cheaper the bill gets. Unlike hotels, the longer the stay, the more expensive it gets.

Serviced apartments usually have fully furnished living areas, kitchens, laundry rooms and bedrooms. These are usually big in space and are ideal for long stays and big travel groups like families, friends and so on. Plus some serviced apartments also allow pets!

You can also enjoy perks and amenities just like hotels but of course, what they offer may vary. You can expect serviced apartments to offer Wi-Fi, parking, housekeeping, laundry and dry cleaning, luggage storage, elevator, gyms and so much more.

Some serviced apartments will also have other perks others may not offer, so depending on where you stay, it may vary. And when it comes to prices it’s exceptionally cheaper than hotels of the same size and amenities.

What are the safety measures for serviced apartments with COVID?

Most serviced apartments are really careful with COVID and have protocols in place, especially when spikes occur. Serviced apartments will usually only allow a maximum of two visitors per apartment, require you to wear a mask and so on. But depending on their city’s guidelines, it may vary.

All units are sanitized and deep cleaned after use and masks are required to be used in common areas like lobbies, waiting areas and so on. And some establishments also have a no-handshaking policy so, avoid physical contact with others. All your items will also be handled with gloves.

What are other terms for serviced apartments?

If you haven’t heard the term “serviced apartments”, you may have heard its other names like, “aparthotels”, “apartels” or even “contemporary housing.”

What are the benefits of staying in a serviced apartment?

To know if this type of accommodation is for you before actually checking in, you need to know its benefits beforehand. So to help you know what great things to look forward to, here’s a list:

  • It’s great for long and short stays.
  • It’s fully furnished from the living room, kitchen, bedroom and laundry area.
  • This is ideal for solo travels, group travels and even business travels.
  • Serviced apartments will usually have a convenient location.
  • You get your money’s value with long-term stays. (Since the price gets deducted the longer you stay.)
  • Allows you to cook and store your own food with their fully furnished kitchen.
  • Allows you to spend quality time with family and friends through their furnished living areas.
  • Are usually maintained and cleaned so you can expect a great ambience.
  • Comes with great amenities.

Are serviced apartments cleaned daily?

Serviced apartments, however, tend to allow guests more control over how frequently they would want their accommodations to be cleaned. Some flats may have the same daily housekeeping that you would often get in hotels, while others may offer more covert and irregular cleaning visits by the cleaning crew.

In a nutshell, it really varies on you and the services they offer.

Are serviced apartments pet-friendly?

Most serviced apartments are pet-friendly. But to be sure, make sure to contact the accommodation ahead of time to ensure they allow pets. Some places allow pets with the exception of guests staying for 29 days or more. But again, it may vary depending on the serviced apartment of your choosing.

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