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Diet Tips for R-Chop Chemo Patients

Patients receiving R-Chop Chemotherapy may be asked to follow a predefined diet plan for
better results. This is because certain food items may interact with the ingredients of the

medicines. Moreover, eating a healthy and balanced diet is important for patients’ physical and
mental well-being.
If you are on an R-Chop Chemotherapy, make sure to add the following food items to your
● Plenty of vegetables
● Fruits
● Starch-containing foods (carbohydrates)
● Fish, eggs, meat, and pulses
● Milk and other dairy products
● Small quantities of foods containing fats and sugar
Apart from knowing what to eat, you must also know certain diet tips if you are receiving
chemotherapy. Here are a few of them.
● Avoid drinking anything 20 minutes before having a meal.
● Use small plates to serve your meal.
● Eat less but frequently. Add certain snacks between the two meals.
● Choose high-energy foods like biscuits, cheese, and omelets if you feel nauseous while
eating, breathe through your mouth.
● Avoid fatty and fried foods if you are suffering from constipation or an upset stomach.
● Consume lots of fluids.
● Use over-the-counter medicines if you experience heartburn after earring.
6 Easy Exercises for R-Chop Chemo Patients
Exercises are evidently very helpful in the case of patients who are suffering from cancer.
Activities that calm your mind and make you feel fresh can lower your therapy burden to a
greater extent. Moreover, exercises are a better way to combat side effects like fatigue and
improve the quality of a patient’s life. Here is a list of such activities you must consider while
receiving R-Chop Chemotherapy.
Easy Activities
● Walking
● Cleaning the room
● Swimming
Slow cycling
Moderate Activities
● Dancing

● Aerobics
● Dribbling
● Slow jogging
Strength-based Activities
● Toe Stands
● Dead bugs
● Lying hip bridges
● Wall push-ups
Balancing Activities
● Stretches
● Standing on one leg
● Side leg raise
● Heel to toe walk
● Clock reach
● Meditation
● Sukhasana
● Mountain Pose
● Downward-facing dog
Breathing Exercises
● Deep breathing
● Pursed lip breathing
● Active cycle of breathing technique
● Abdominal breathing
Life After R-Chop Chemotherapy
After R-Chop Chemotherapy, there can be two outcomes. First, your body responds to the
therapy and your dose modifications are made as per the improvement and future needs.
Second, your cancer doesn’t respond to the therapy after various modifications and your
medical team prescribes a stem cell transplant.
If you have received or are receiving R-Chop Chemotherapy, you must consider the below-
mentioned tips to prevent complications in the future.

● Talk to your medical team periodically. Know about which vaccinations you must get
and avoid.
● Manage side effects smartly. Do not consume ***** that are addictive. Use safe and
effective over-the-counter medications to recover soon.
● Build good relations with your friends and family. Do not isolate yourself after or during
your cancer treatment.
● Eat cancer-fighting foods (tomatoes, broccoli, squash, apples, pears, oranges, onions,
and cauliflower) to prevent recurrence of cancer.
Remember that the above information is not intended to be a substitute for any medical advice
or prescription. Make sure to consult your medical practitioner before implementing any tip or
activity that seems new to you.

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