Capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A shifting business landscape, change in customer demand, and disruptive business environment like post covid-19 effects, war, and inflation is creating new challenges for businesses. 

Especially for small-medium scale enterprises keeping pace with the constantly shifting world and changing demand has dramatically affected their efficiencies, productivity, and sustainability.  

They need modern tools or applications to stay productive while enduring market disruption or changes in customer demand. Dynamics 365 business central is the modern tool or solution that transforms small-medium scale enterprises digitally and helps them to overcome business challenges seamlessly with its capabilities.  

Further in this blog, we will explore the agile capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central that help small-medium scale enterprises to transform their business entirely.  

Let’s roll – 

Before moving forward to capabilities, let us discuss the definition of Dynamics 365 business central.   

What is Dynamics 365 Business Central?  

Small and medium-sized businesses may manage their finances, operations, sales, and customer support with the aid of Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system. It is a component of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business software package. 

Financial management, supply chain management, project management, sales and marketing, human resources, and service management are just a few topics offered by Business Central. Other functions include forecasting and budgeting, order and vendor management, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM). 

Office 365, Power BI, and PowerApps are just a few of the Microsoft products that Business Central is made to interface with effortlessly. It can be set up on-site or in the cloud, allowing companies to select the one that best suits their requirements. 

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What are the Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central? 

Dynamics 365 business central has a wide range of unique capabilities that help companies to elevate their small-medium scale businesses to enterprise level and aid businesses in driving growth and development. 

The capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central are as follows:  

Financial Management:  

One of Dynamics 365 Business Central’s core features is financial management, and it comes with various tools to assist organizations in managing their finances more effectively. The following are some of Business Central’s financial management features: 

  • Handle your business’s financial accounts and activities, including the balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. 
  • Handle vendor bills, payment requests, and purchase orders under accounts payable. 
  • Handle your accounts receivable, which includes tracking client bills, payments, and collections. 
  • Handle your banking activities, such as deposits, bank statements, and reconciliations. 
  • Monitor the fixed assets of your business, including depreciation and disposals. 

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Sales and Services:  

Another essential feature of Dynamics 365 Business Central is sales and service. It comes with various tools and capabilities to assist organizations in managing their sales and customer service activities more effectively. Some of Business Central’s sales and support capabilities are listed below: 

  • Sales Order Management: Handles all aspects of the sales process, from generating quotations and orders to sending invoices and collecting payments. 
  • Customer management: Keep track of customer interactions, preferences, and information to improve customer service. 
  • Marketing: Develop and implement marketing initiatives to produce fresh leads and business prospects. 
  • Service Management: Handle customer service requests, grievances, and support cases to deliver better service. 
  • Resource Management: Plan and coordinate using resources, such as persons, facilities, and equipment, to deliver services. 

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Supply Chain Management: 

Another crucial aspect of Dynamics 365 Business Central is supply chain management. It provides several features to aid companies in managing their purchasing, production, and inventory processes. The following are some of Business Central’s leading supply chain management features: 

  • Tracking inventory levels, reorder points, and lead times will help you manage your stock levels and prevent stockouts. 
  • Write purchase orders, oversee supplier agreements, and monitor vendor performance. 
  • Planning for production includes capacity planning and material requirements planning. Production processes are designed and scheduled. 
  • Regulate the shop floor’s production activities, including task orders, the use of resources, and personnel expenses. 

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Integration with Microsoft 365: 

A crucial feature of Dynamics 365 Business Central is its Integration with Microsoft 365. Business Central’s seamless Integration with other Microsoft products, including Outlook, Excel, and Teams, enables organizations to improve productivity and streamline operations. The following are some of Business Central’s main integration capabilities: 

  • Outlook integration enables Business Central to send and receive emails, including purchase orders, invoices, and sales orders. 
  • Integrate Excel to export data for additional analysis and reporting. 
  • Integrate dynamic dashboards and reports using Business Central with Power BI. 
  • Integrate your teams into Business Central to collaborate with them and share files and documents. 
  • OneDrive Integration enables collaboration, sharing, storing, and retrieving Business Central documents on OneDrive. 

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Wrapping Up –  

Dynamics 365 business central is an agile tool that provides accurate results with real impact. It helps turn small-medium scale business challenges into opportunities and makes business robust and sustainable. 

Get in touch with Dynamics 365 business central consultant and explore the capabilities, power, and characteristics of Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

Customize your business solution by partnering with the right Dynamics 365 Business Central Consulting company to build a solution that fits your business needs.  

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