Buy the Best Split Air Conditioner in India?

Why Do People Prefer to Buy the Best Split ACs in India?

If you wish to buy an air conditioner, you have two choices: a window and a Split air conditioner. Both types of acs cater to different sections of customers. Usually, well-off people plan to buy the best Split acs in India, while others are comfortable with window air conditioners. These customers have justifications and reasons for preferring one model over the other. 

Who Prefers the Best Split ACs in India? 

The basic purpose of an air conditioner is to make your space comfortable by maintaining an ideal temperature. Both Window and Split ac do the same job but have different designs. Split ac was developed much later than the Window ac, which has been there for a long time. Split ac is the first choice of rich people because they like its good looks and don’t mind paying more. 

Usually, Windows ac makes a lot of noise which is very annoying for some people. Moreover, Split ac virtually makes no noise; therefore, it’s an ideal appliance for the bedroom. The per capita income of people has increased, but they also lead a very busy life. Consequently, they purchase all such devices that make their life more comfortable. More importantly, they prefer to maintain quality and are willing to pay any price. 

Split air conditioners fall in that category. If you go to any big hotel, restaurant, or club, you will likely see a Split ac than a window ac. Such places give a lot of importance to their interior and prefer to buy the best Split acs in India that looks smart and compact. Split ac also has more advanced features like micro filters, a dehumidifier, and a hidden display which is like a bonus for buyers. 

Who Likes to Purchase the Best Window AC in India? 

Window ac has been around for a very long time. We have seen such models of air conditioners since a very young age. They are everywhere – in government offices, shops, PCOs, banks, cyber cafes, etc. Therefore, it’s natural for most people to first think of the best Window ac in India than any other type. 

Although there are options for purchasing acs on EMIs, people usually avoid them because of hidden costs. Price also plays a big role. India is not rich, with most people earning less than 20,000.00 Rs every month. You cannot expect them to purchase an appliance that costs anything from Rs 40,000.00 to 60,000.00. 

Installation is an important part of the air conditioner. Window air conditioners have a clear advantage in this department over Split acs because such acs are very easy to install. On the other hand, the installation of Split ac is very complicated. You will need a trained service engineer to install it, who may charge an amount of Rs 6,000.00.

Which is better – Window ac or Split ac?

Window ac is easier to install and maintain any day than the Split ac. Both have their good and not-so-good sides. You can easily find a mechanic in your locality if there is a breakdown. However, if your Split ac develops a problem, you must contact the authorized dealer, who often charges a huge amount. 

Price-wise, a window air conditioner is very affordable, and even people with limited income can easily buy it. You can get a 1.5-ton window ac of a good brand for less than 27,000.00 Rs, but a Split ac of the same capacity will cost you more than 35,000.00 Rs. One major advantage of purchasing a Split ac is that you can install it in a room that doesn’t have a window, unlike a Window type ac which can only be installed in a room with a proper window. 

Both types of air conditioners have their takers who have their reasons to purchase either the best window ac in India or the best Split Acs in India


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