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Benefits From Brand Tea Manufacturers for Distributors/Wholesalers

Tea distributors and wholesalers across PAN India benefit the most when they partner directly with brand tea manufacturers that accept partnerships. But what are those exact benefits that can help distributors and wholesalers of packaged and loose tea grow their business quickly and beat their competitors in their local market?

Here, we have listed five points that highlight the core benefits for tea distributors and wholesalers across the entire PAN India region:  

1. The Highest Margins for Profit 

Tea distributors and wholesalers of all sizes and locations in PAN India get to benefit from the highest profit commissions when they partner directly with a brand tea manufacturer like Naturolled. 

Some of the leading manufacturers of branded tea in PAN India, including Naturolled, offer profit margins of 40% or higher. By directly partnering with such manufacturers, tea distributors and wholesalers can keep a high margin for themselves while also offering good profit for retailers. 

And retailers across PAN India choose to do business continuously and exclusively with distributors and wholesalers that offer the highest profits to them. 

2. No Middleman Involved 

Another major benefit for tea distributors and wholesalers of partnering directly with a manufacturer is that there is no middleman involved in the business processes. And without a middleman in the process, distributors and wholesalers do not face any friction or challenge when working with the manufacturer on a day-to-day basis.

For example, many tea distributors and tea wholesalers in Siliguri partner directly with the manufacturer to avoid middlemen. Taking this approach helps them access higher profit margins and ensure smooth business processes in taking bulk orders. 

Avoiding middlemen by directly partnering with a manufacturer also plays an important role in helping tea distributors and wholesalers scale their businesses with the option to place bulk tea orders of any quantity. 

3. An Entire Zone/Pin Code to Do Business In 

Tea distributors get the highest level of authority when they partner directly with a tea manufacturer. They get to operate in an entire zone or PIN code that the manufacturer assigns them. And as a result, they can cater to all the wholesalers and dealers in that particular region and profit at a high level. 

It is also possible for tea distributors to ask the manufacturer for other zones/markets where they can enter and establish their presence. This strategy is especially beneficial for tea distributors that want to grow their business in their surrounding PIN codes. 

Manufacturers, such as Naturolled, make it simple and easy for tea distributors to expand their business in other markets if they perform well in their primary market throughout the year. 

4. Consistent Supply Throughout the Year 

Partnering directly with a brand tea manufacturer helps tea distributors and wholesalers ensure that they get a consistent supply of orders throughout the year without any disturbances. Since there are no middlemen involved, distributors and wholesalers can get their bulk orders processed quickly which helps them fulfill the orders of retailers more quickly than other competitors in the market. 

Also, partnering with a manufacturer will help in ensuring consistency in the bulk supply of branded tea throughout the year even during off-seasons, such as winter months. 

And since retailers choose to work with distributors and wholesalers that provide them with the products throughout the year, distributors and wholesalers that partner directly with manufacturers will be at a higher advantage than the competitors. 

5. No Fees or Charges to Start the Partnership 

Unlike middlemen and business agencies that promote various policies for branded tea distributorship and wholesale, manufacturers, such as Naturolled, do not promote any campaign and offer free direct joining. 

It basically means that tea distributors and wholesalers across PAN India do not have to pay any fees to start the partnership and only pay for the bulk tea orders they place. 

The free joining benefit is a game changer for new tea distributors and wholesalers across the entire PAN India region that want to start their business with a very limited budget in their local market. By avoiding joining charges, they can allocate their budget entirely to the bulk tea order and supply their retailers with branded tea in bulk quantity which helps them profit significantly. 

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