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Best P2E NFT & Crypto Games for Mobile & IOS

Several play-to-earn games have been in the news recently as the world prepares to embrace and integrate what most people call “the future of the Internet.” This creation will bring together multiple virtual worlds that will outlive games.

Developers, for their part, have favored games in which users can own NFTs and real estate in the Metaverse games to earn crypto. Facebook’s rebranding to Meta Inc. has also attracted the attention of several companies to the Metaverse, which means these games will soon have plenty of opportunities. Although the concept of Metaverse games is relatively new to even the most experienced gamers, it is worth a try. 

Can I make Money on the Metaverse Platform? 

As the “metaverse” becomes a reality, it will likely add features that allow users to monetize it as it seeks to replace real life. Players can get money in the Metaverse if the game has a play-to-earn feature. Games of this type often require an initial investment in starter packs and other essential in-game items.

Hyper League Metaverse

Another hero on the list of the best NFT car racing games is Hyper League. This Metaverse game revolves around NFT gaming assets in which players get HYPO tokens as rewards for racing. You will enjoy this game if you are a fan of racing games.

It is a community driven hover based racing metaverse where users can play and earn money. It is a fully decentralized Metaverse where users can participate, create, build, explore, and much more. All they need to get started with hover vehicles and NFT assets. They can then explore the Hyper League digital environment, participate in races, tournaments within the immersive racing arena or chat with other users.


Illuvium is an open-world play-to-earn game that collects creatures and Autobots. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the graphically intense sci-fi adventure is scheduled for release in 2022 for PC and Mac. Here, you’ll have to conquer the wilderness to help your battered crew make it through in exchange for exciting rewards. 

Illuvium is divided into seven alien landscapes where the cataclysms that destroyed Illuvium occur. The exciting sci-fi theme is designed to compete with traditional games, allowing players to discover, hunt, and capture deadly monsters called Illuvial. On this platform, you will get your rewards in ILV tokens.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another popular play-to-earn crypto game you can try. Unlike Sandbox, this game was launched in 2018 but recently became popular when Metaverse and NFT became trending topics.

This play-to-earn game is set in the Philippines during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic. After the massive loss of jobs, people turned to Axie Infinity to win NFT, which they then redeemed for good winnings. Most people believe this game was the pinnacle of the NFT gaming industry. It is noteworthy that this game is based on Pokemon, as each Axie in the digital collectibles is a creature with unique characteristics. It allows players to compete with other Axies to win and earn rewards. Like Sandbox, Axie Infinity also has its token, commonly known as AXS or Axie Infinity Shard. Despite having a market value of $9 billion, Axie Infinity continues to grow.


Polkacity, like most of the video games on this list, is an immersive, 3D virtual reality platform. It is also the first NFT infrastructure and game to enable multiple blockchains in 3D and AR. Polkacity services the Ethereum and Binance blockchains, including a bridge that enables POLC transfers from Ethereum to Binance. Polkacity is an exciting play to watch out for. The producer of this P2E game describes it as a “GTA made of cryptocurrencies,” and it’s a promising idea from the Metaverse for 2022.

Bloktopia P2E Game

Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper to become a central hub for Web3 experiences, immersive content, and cryptocurrency information. Token holders in the Bloktopia ecosystem are called Bloktopians. They can earn money on the platform through ownership, advertising, gaming, networking, and more. An advanced real-time 3D authoring engine and blockchain technology are used to create an amazing Metaverse.

There are several revenue streams in Bloktopia. The first is real estate. Token properties will be available to buy and exchange. You can use them to generate income through passive income, gambling, and advertising. The virtual world will be a place for leisure, socializing, entertainment and competition. This means you can play and get exciting content in exchange for interesting rewards. There will also be scenarios, artwork, and competitions where you can win prizes.

Final words

We believe these play-to-earn crypto games will dominate the metaverse market by 2022 and continue to flourish in the coming years. You can not deny that the Metaverse is expanding vastly. Therefore, it is expected that the best Metaverse games will be at the top of the charts in the future. In addition, many of the most popular Metaverse applications are still developing.






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