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9 Best Modern Dining Tables For Every Style And Budget

When it comes to dining tables, you have quite a few options. You can go with an elegant farmhouse table or a sleek minimalist one. If rustic charm is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered there too. Even if your tastes lean more toward minimalist simplicity. There are quite a few dining table styles to choose from. Some are more formal and others can be used for informal dinners with family and friends.

  1. Mid-century Dining Tables
  2. Contemporary Dining Tables
  3. Farmhouse Dining Tables
  4. Minimalist Dining Tables
  5. Rustic dining tables
  6. Modern dining tables
  7. Shaker Style Tables
  8. Industrial design tables
  9. Traditional dining tables

Mid-century Dining Tables

Mid-century furniture is a style that originated in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a popular design style that has recently been revived by home decorators and interior designers. The furniture pieces in this style feature sleek lines, usually upholstered with leather or vinyl, and often have rounded edges instead of sharp corners.

Midcentury dining tables are usually clean lined with no fuss, no bobs or bows here. If you’re looking for a piece that’ll make your friends say wow when they walk in the door? Well, look no further than these gorgeous mid-century beauties.

Contemporary Dining Tables

Contemporary dining tables are perfect for the minimalist or modern design lover. They often have clean lines, simple shapes, and a streamlined look. They may be made from wood or glass and can be decorated with other materials like metal or marble to either match or contrast the table’s color scheme. Contemporary dining table legs tend to be no more than 3, which creates a minimalist effect that eliminates all unnecessary details on a piece of furniture. This makes it easier to focus on what matters: the beauty of your space!

These tables can be used in almost any setting. Whether it’s in an office or home and they look great when paired with chairs (see our chair guide here). If you are looking for an affordable yet stylish table that fits into any style scheme we recommend checking AVRS FURNITURES selection of contemporary dining tables here

Farmhouse Dining Tables

Farmhouse style dining tables are also gaining in popularity among those who enjoy antique furniture at their dining room tables. This rustic design is characterized by simple lines, exposed wood paneling, wooden legs (instead of metal), slatted chair backs and benches as opposed to chairs with backs and arms. It’s also often made using reclaimed materials such as barn boards or salvaged lumber pieces found in local antique shops or flea markets. Because they’re not always available new. But can still be purchased inexpensively. They’re second-hand sources rather than brand new ones. They were once expensively priced!

Minimalist Dining Tables

Minimalist dining table is a simple design. It is the most popular and fashionable style of dining table.

  • It can be made of wood, metal or glass.
  • It can be square, rectangular or round.
  • The pedestal can have a single base or multiple legs; the surface may be flat or slanted to accommodate more food items on it at one time.

Rustic dining tables

Rustic dining tables are a popular choice for both formal and casual dining rooms. Tables are made from reclaimed wood, which gives each one its own unique character. These tables are often painted with a clear coat to protect the wood from wear and tear, but many have been left unfinished so that the natural beauty of the wood can shine through.

These dining table styles include trestle legs, square bases and cabriole legs (which resemble those found in French furniture).

Modern dining tables

Modern dining tables are sleek and minimal. They’re often made of glass, metal, or wood, with a focus on clean lines and an industrial look. The rectangular or square shapes that are most popular for modern tables make them great as kitchen islands—you can use them to prep food while you cook or eat meals at the table.

In some cases, these tables double as coffee tables too! If you want to create a cohesive space in your home where people can relax after meals or while they enjoy one another’s company before eating their next meal, consider buying a modern dining table that also functions as an end table for your living room sofa. You can then use other pieces throughout your home (such as lamps) that complement this style so everything looks unified when guests visit!

Shaker Style Tables

If simplicity is what you are looking for, Shaker style furniture is perfect. This style originated in the early 19th century and has remained popular because of its simple lines, durability, and timeless design. The name “Shaker” comes from the fact that Shakers have no ornamentation on their furniture.

Elements of a good Shaker-style dining table include:

  • Simple lines
  • No ornamentation (except perhaps a simple geometric pattern)

Industrial design tables

Industrial design has been around since the Industrial Revolution, but its current popularity is a reaction to the excesses of Victorian style. It’s characterized by clean lines and a functional aesthetic, with materials like metal, concrete and glass. Straight-backed chairs are common fixtures in an industrial dining room. The look can be further enhanced by adding industrial light fixtures or pendant lamps (which hang from the ceiling) made from wrought iron or brass.

Traditional dining tables

Traditional dining tables are usually made of wood and have a rectangular or oval shape. They have four legs, which gives them a nice base that you can sit on. The top is also sturdy and strong, giving you peace of mind that it won’t break when you put your heavy plate down on it. Traditional tables are high too, so they’re great for eating off of (and looking cool).

Traditional tables aren’t fancy but they have simple designs that are easy to match with any other furniture in your home. Plus they come in all different sizes so there’s something for every size table!


There you have it! The best dining table styles to suit your home and personal style. It can be overwhelming to make a decision about something like this, especially when there are so many options available. But we hope that this guide has made things easier for you by breaking down all the different styles into manageable chunks so that you can find the one that best fits what you want in a dining room table. We hope this helps!

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